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Intentions and Codes Covid-19


Dear ones, The 'Storm of Chaos' will be around. This is the time when your quality of life is sharpened. I hereby explain how to set the right intentions, especially when frustrations and panic arise in your heart. In addition, an energetic translation about the covid-19 codes. The energetic values ​​of the codes form an extra layer and influence the effect on the physical body: The validation values ​​are the deciding factor. Everything is relative, and we certainly don't want to increase the fear because there is also going to be a major reset. A reset on the covid-19 codes so that your Crown of Light can shine. The activations will be in steps; these are the waves of enlightenment coming to Earth.


CO-VID-19, the energetic codes and the name of the virus are very easy to refute.


  • CO is derived from Corona and *Corona means Crown of Light. Everything around this virus has to do with the Crown of Light. Every person can become enlightened in the coming period and activate the Crown of Light. This is your right as a human being on Earth. In your heart you carry the codes of Paradise on Earth.

  • VID: means validating the crown codes 19. Validation is checking a value or a method for validity or correctness. This is an important code.

  • 19: Nineteen is separated into one and nine, The number one represents the base chakra and the base security, this energy and code is important for the Crown of Light. Without basic security, it is almost impossible to activate. Therein lies the anchoring with the earth. Without anchor there is no connection with the earth on which you live and then the intentions become impure.

  • The number nine: Third eye. Starting from the 13 chakras: The ninth chakra the third eye. The vision of the inner gaze and the Divine intention, the circle of oneness.

  • The Ten = one and nine is the unit. One and nine make a ten: The tenth chakra is the pineal gland. The pineal gland can connect the Crown of Light in all points and make it active. When the base chakra is anchored in trust and the intentions of insight are pure, the pineal gland can radiate. The Crown of Light can now flow through as it is connected to the heart.

These three chakras, based on the 13 chakras, contain energetic codes that support the Crown of Light in its activation. In the code of covid-19 these are all broken or disrupted by fear codes so that the Crown of Light cannot be activated. The heart cannot be connected. The validation value creates knots in this energetic system: Confusion. Everything is made up of waves of sound and Light. The nodes are created through the fear and thus again veil the Light that comes in and the crystalline activations of the moon energy are redirected. Creativity and manifestation are disrupted. The dream becomes a nightmare. Much more is going to happen on a cosmic and planetary plane.

The sun and moon regulate the balance of unity energy in the heart.



The hexagram is the six-point star, a very ancient and cosmic symbol for unity. The balance of the feminine and masculine energy comes together in unity. Both cosmic and terrestrial, both energetically and in the physical plane. The intentions that people express through thoughts, words or actions are important. This is the first step of manifestation. What do you want to manifest, softness in feeling or hard facts? When these two opposites come together, you get the correct outcome. The pure intention. Judging or punishing others is divisive. Everything in nature is built from a Sacred Geometry. Like the Merkaba, which originated from the six-point star. It heals the psychological and mental complaints.

Mental Health

Anxieties can turn into anxiety disorders and may be converted in time. So are panic attacks. Try to deal with the emotions and ask for help when you get stuck. Form groups of like-minded people and share with each other what you run into. You are not alone in this process. Feel safe and create safety.


As you visualize in the silence the golden Merkaba of Light and Love, place yourself in this energetic vessel and take your intentions and dreams with you. Then see what emerges, adjust your intentions if they are out of balance. For example if you are in a panic. Through the heart and from this love energy you can now let it flow through with the golden energy from the Divine Source. There is now an interaction of Divine communication. Look honestly at what comes up and take this with you when setting down the pure intentions. Converting fear can also be portrayed in this way, converting it can lead to insights. Bring peace and harmony into your life, don't be misled. Feel your own truth in the heart, the Utopia of Love is contained in this.



The Merkaba is an energetic vehicle.

Which can reset everything from love and Light. the divine element of restoration.

The Angel Metatron is connected to this, .




Have the right intentions in 'the storm of chaos' that is about to arise. It is a psychological game, which can be seen through.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

November 24, 2021

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