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IMMUNITY part 3: Full Moon, Venus and Holy Water


Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021

The full moon of May 26 is in the sign of Venus. The water of Venus has a velvety shape. It is super feminine in energy and makes for a great reception. You can start aligning yourself with Venus and the water during this full moon. So you can get a big cleanse and update your immune system at the same time. Many emotions played tricks on you, but now they are being balanced again. Let this super blood moon close out the winter, the lockdown has recently been lifted and the freedom of the water can flow again. It touched many emotions of captivity. May these old memories of trapped feelings be released, let them fly free. Venus is love and she creates a balance in the opposite parts. She brings the differences together and makes them work together. The alignment with this Venus moon will bring about a deep transformation in the water.


There are many chemical compounds that occur and are formed in the human body. All this happens naturally and almost automatically. You don't have to think about it, but sometimes this gets in the way. Man becomes far removed from this unique process of the self-healing ability. Thoughts and communication run wild. Every living thing on Earth consists largely of water. Also your cells.


Sacred geometries also occur in the water. Water figures and crystals can make harmonious connections with each other. Sacred geometries are always in balance. These are the forms that arise from a natural consciousness. Can you observe these? Geometric shapes can become visible through a digital lens. The crystals in the frozen water can be seen with the naked eye. Enlarge it and you will see how beautiful this micro world is. When the communication is empathetic and pure, it can help you to purify yourself and get rid of many toxic substances. From love can arise a pure source of living water. You can make the connection through the eyes and the feeling.

Double dose

Water atoms are particles that can convert anything. When the sunlight reflects off the water, the sunlight on the water will vibrate back and forth. Light and water provide a double dose of power to boost your immunity. The reflection on the water doubles the light intensity. Water moves and this creates a rhythmic frequency of light on the water. At that moment a very healing power for the heart arises. Feed yourself with this hydro light and a special experience arises. The self-healing ability is now restored when you make a connection with these highly vibrating particles: sparkling water. This helps boost your immunity.


Water is an additional element through which immunity can increase in strength. Your cells contain a large proportion of water, 60 to 90%. Communication with water can be arranged in such a way that a conversion occurs deep in the cells. Water is a feeling element. If the emotions are too much, the element of water can help you drain them. All this goes through thoughts and emotions, which influence the water in the cell. Have you gone numb? The element of water can bring back the feeling through memories. Water works together with the psyche. Memories are like water, they can evaporate, freeze and let flow through. So that emotions that have been frozen come into motion again.

Your immune system is many times stronger than an artificial vaccine or virus. The vaccine can affect the water in the cell and cell consciousness. Know what you're doing. Overcome the fear and move on. The belief in yourself and the water may now arise renewed, this knowledge will come to you from the crystal field.


Taking a water bath can be very invigorating, but it also changes the water atoms in your body. A tense cell structure may now relax. Swimming in the (cool) water provides an extra recovery of the immune system. By drinking the water, many waste products can be removed through the body. If you add herbs, crystals or mineral salts to the water, it will get an extra dimension to heal yourself, just like with the sun. This helps to increase the strength of the immune system.


An unknown way to use water is via the atoms, when they start to vibrate they vibrate slightly in your energy field. Water atoms are very fast processors. Emotions are quickly triggered and quickly drained. A removal too fast is sometimes not good, then too much is removed at once. While the memories of trauma cannot cope with this, the psyche becomes confused. This can cause a temporary panic. Memories are connected to timelines and all of this can be touched at the right pace. The rhythm of flowing water may be adapted to the trauma. When these go too slowly, a person can linger in the trauma for too long. Not enough is drained, blockages are not broken properly. Adding an extra element to the water can help. Sound waves give an extra dimension to open the feeling.



Sound waves can also be used to connect you with water. Just listen to the sound of the sea, the whales and dolphins. At night the energy is highest, because the silence can spread everything more clearly. The moonlight has a different function than the sun, it is somewhat softer in light. It represents the unconscious through the dreams. Let yourself be carried away through a visualization of water and sound. This is the feminine energy and works deep into the emotions, often through symbolic (dream) images. Let this full moon of May awaken you to the feminine power of Venus.


The beating sound of the heart breaks through many barriers, too much tension or overload causes cardiac arrhythmias. Restore the heart rhythm through Venus and the water crystals. Put yourself in a deep rest and visualize yourself in a clear water in the caves of Venus, cool yet pleasantly warm. Together with the many beautiful (water) crystals. Take this one to your heart and see what it does to you. Each water crystal has a different intention. You can fill the water crystal with light. You can increase the frequency of the light if it feels right.

Ask Venus to heal the heart through the water crystal. Now let the sunlight shine up and through the water. Now feel the absorption of the light, the sound of the water and the sacred geometric shapes in the water crystal. Let yourself be gently rocked to the rhythm of the waves and listen to the sea sounds. Instead of the sun, you can also use the moonlight. Let the sun set and the moon rise. Bathe in the moonlight and let her calm your emotions. Dissipate shadows and enter into a deep sleep.

This sleep will refresh you and awaken consciousness so that the immune system can function optimally again. What are you in doubt about? Let everything come up crystal clear and try to get clear from this silence what information comes to you from the water fields of Venus. This knowledge is sacred.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

May 23, 2021

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: © All rights reserved Arthura Hector


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