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IMMUNITY part 2: Light intensity


The Light in your DNA can communicate with the Light of the Sun.


Your cell nucleus radiates light, like the sun. It is a little sun that can communicate with the higher light. Through the sun, your cells can connect to an 'invisible' information field of light. This contact with the light can heal you and is important for a harmonious cooperation of the immune system. The heart reacts first and thus passes everything on to the body. All this comes about through an empathic attunement. Love is the answer and through the photons in the sunlight (a high vibrating energy) you can connect.


The heart is the first to receive these signals from the light. That means the sunlight arrives first in your heart brain. The nervous system of the heart processes the light photons from the sun, so do your emotions. Light and emotions are connected through the heart. The more positive these emotions are, the higher your light will vibrate. The human heart has its own rhythm, this natural rhythm goes through everything and brings your body into balance.

The psyche plays a role in the processing of experiences. This way you can manage, control and maintain your body. You understand that too much negativity takes the energy down. Too much fear and worry around you puts you in a lower frequency. Let not a veil be formed between you and the light. Traumas can be processed faster through light.

Natural Photosynthesis

For the conversion of sunlight into fuel and growth.

The natural photosynthesis, which occur in a plant, ensure the recordings of sunlight. The plant or tree converts this sunlight and blooms. This also happens in humans. This natural form of growth has its own intelligence. It is an invisible language of the sun, which can communicate with everything on earth. Sacred geometry is the language of light. Light contains color and sound. Everything is energy.

Mother Earth makes a pulsating sound, just like your human heart makes a beating sound. These sounds create waves of light. Through the rhythm of the heart you can make a connection with the core of the earth. The Earth's frequency has been increasing for years and so it can evolve. The core of the earth also radiates light, this inner sun contains crystal light.


Rest is important, but so is the right intention of thoughts. Once you realize this, you can reset and balance everything through the light. You are light and you can magnify this light. Those who want to keep man ignorant try to disconnect you from the light. At all times you can bring your whole body back into balance with your thoughts. Through meditation, prayer and moments of silence. Some of you carry an activated light and can put it down instantly. Others may first activate this light, often this is done in steps. Do you have a warm heart and do you work on the balance of your environment? Please note that a loving person with a lot of light can also be abused. You may use your goodness realistically, but learn to guard your limits. Different rules of life apply on earth than in a light dimension. Helping your fellow man is a nice act, but don't prevent them from solving their own lessons themselves. The victim role may be abandoned.

Artificial Photosynthesis

In addition to the knowledge of natural photosynthesis, there is now also an artificial method. These researchers are experimenting with the particle light and growth. Breaking apart nuclear particles to discover the secret of life. Without love this cannot be revealed. Their quest now takes on other forms, they want to gain power over the light. Understanding the immune system is almost impossible, but making contact with the light dimensions provides a lot of insight and flow.


Bio-technology is experimenting with the human cell. If you add something artificial, the cell will reject it. If you mask this particle of artificial RNA, there will be a disturbance with the light. An unnatural information field eventually forms. This is all an experiment to see how your body reacts. Growing from the living light is a natural process, these are harmonic formulas that can come into unity with each other. Unfortunately, by disassembling everything and putting it together in an unnatural way, malfunctions arise. This creates an artificial bio-culture. Do you want to be part of this experiment?


Waste problems arise in everything that involves artificial intervention. All over the earth there are areas that are becoming highly polluted. The profit interest of the industry is paramount here. This is the same with the human body. Side effects of medicines have to do with not properly processing excess waste.


Dear human, realize that light is a part of the human body. You radiate light and this strengthens the immune system. The Divine Information Fields tell you that. Make sure your light shines brightly and is well tuned. Blockages in the aura only indicate the imbalance. Cleanse yourself regularly with the light and imbalance disappears. A higher light dissolves everything.

Visualize a great radiant sun flooding your entire body with love and let the golden light flow all through you. Wash away all shadows, dissolve them.

The Christ consciousness is a highly vibrating information field of Divine intentions. Man can now receive all this through the open crystal field on earth.

Be a conviction for yourself from the light, this ensures a clear and well-functioning immune system.

Adonai, Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

May 23, 2021

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