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IMMUNITY part 1: The Cell

ASHTAR: Every cell has a core of light



Every cell has a core of light, in this core of light is a special information. The DNA. This DNA plays an important role and unique potentials lie hidden in it. Your talents come from this to be manifested. This information is decided to be opened. Parts of it open themselves during adulthood and allow for information and energy exchange. A completely different activity is located in the layer around the cell nucleus. In this layer is mainly the water and here the packets of information in different material are sent and let in. This part plays a role in the immunity of the body. The cell wall ensures that foreign material, such as a virus, is kept outside the cell. The skin is the first protective layer where the immune system works.

Different fields work together and communicate with each other. All of this is supported by your thoughts, positive or negative. Everything you put down in energy through images and words affects the functioning of the cells and your immune system.

All living things are made up of trillions of cells and they communicate with each other. They work together in the body of a plant, animal or human. This communication seems like a miracle, a miracle of empathy. This is called empathic communication.


The natural immunity of any living thing depends on where it lives. There is also a collaboration between the natural environment and the human auric field. The morphogenetic field surrounds humans and contains a lot of information. This information consists of knowledge of the past on Earth. The natural environment of humans is now changing, and the immune system adapts to it. Unless unnatural interventions take place from outside. The cell can defend itself well against all kinds of viruses and bacteria. The cell is a unique factory of living matter and it does not let in unnatural elements. This is the natural defense that man has received from birth.


The latest vaccinations are grown artificially, the so-called corona virus is partly imitated and this RNA is hidden in a ball, so that the cell allows it. Why is this artificial virus being masked? The cells in your body are being fooled en masse and now wrong material is being let into the cell. What is going to happen now? What kind of communication will arise between the natural process of the cell and the unnatural element?

This is something to think about because it can affect the immune system and have multiple influences on cell division. Blood cells and all other cells of organs can react differently.


For many people, the self-healing ability is a mysterious process. A process that cannot be controlled and cannot be controlled. The illusion of healing is increasingly contained in an artificial pill. The world in which you live has been affected and also affects the mind. The food is no longer grown in a natural environment. The building materials to grow food are no longer natural either. Everything is manipulated to speed up processing. In this way, the water in the food is also disturbed by the chemical processing. The artificial language does not match the heart language. Open this section and restore yourself through the Divine information fields. Love and your compassion help you: send out love to a neighbor. See how often you trigger positive thoughts, where is your balance? Receiving love is an interplay, a dance of give and take. It is a form of communication.

Your immunity will be jeopardized if you can no longer communicate with your own body. Can you still believe in your own strength? The intention behind the belief works through all layers of consciousness. Putting responsibility outside yourself, which increases the mistrust of your own self-healing capacity, is not the solution. An artificial world is slowly rising. Stay true to humanity.


All this can be counteracted by living from the heart and reactivating your inner voice. This is the start of the empathic language of universal consciousness. Fears are massively present, this ensures that the energy of an anti-christ arises. Non-communication is now emerging in the form of a culture of fear. The digital language becomes part of a protection via monitoring. The brain reacts superficially, with less depth. Other artificial waves are going to take over. The flat screen has a limited depth. Unless the feeling is deployed. The processing of the negative shadow sides is necessary for the removal of the poison.

How can a person still be healed and become immune to new viruses?

Is there a need from the great rulers to negate immunity? A self-healing ability costs nothing. It is something that is naturally given to man and immunity against diseases is part of this. An illness is an imbalance: when the feminine and masculine energy no longer work together, disturbances arise. This can be repaired.

Now that there is a vaccination, which allows unnatural material to enter the body, imbalances are going to emerge. The emotion of fear can strain the cell in your body in such a way that the light becomes diffused. Duality has two sides: While the balance is disturbed, new connections can arise from love to bring about growth and light. It's that simple. Balance yourself.


The natural environment ensures a harmonious balance between body and mind. When the mind gets sick, it disrupts the interaction between cells, molecules and atoms. The thoughts you receive or send are invisible. These thoughts are energy packets with a positive or negative charge. Sub-atoms are the smallest building block of any chemical, but natural element. Many atoms together form molecules and these create beautiful structures in nature. These structures form many kinds of life forms such as trees, animals and humans. Everything is growth and they have their own energy field of communication. Everything is communication.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is part of an empathic communication. Be aware of the artificial influence from the outside. The explanation given from mainstream science about the immune system falls short. The information fields about growth and light intensity are simply ignored. The voice of the heart is disturbed, so is its rhythm. By knowing this, you can recover a lot with a good conviction and the right intention. Address your cells and ask to restore the balance in your immune system. The ruling power would like to control your knowledge of the immune system. Keeping people ignorant is accompanied by confusion. Once you get confused, it's hard to get rid of it. You are being misled for a reason. Fear plays a role in influencing humans. It shuts down the mind. It closes off the information fields that you can use around you to recover yourself.

The universe is a very large information field. Every living being is connected to this field and within this universal communication field is a great Divine wisdom. This way you can find out everything about yourself and the past and sometimes pieces of the future also appear. Timelines are like a sphere, they carry the information of the past, present and future, linked to an emotion.


The complexity of investigating natural immunity through light intensity is still impossible for humans. Today's scientists on Earth only experiment from the material biological side and not from the total picture. They close themselves off to this, but this is about to change. Light contains information and rhythmic waves. The total picture of immunity is about a special communication, which brings about a kind of amalgamation. A unit of strength, which makes the human body immune to attack from outside. This protection is called: communicating from love and empathy.


The study of immunity cannot be understood until the sense is turned on. Processes from a material point of view are important and must be observed, otherwise disruptions will occur. Eating well, sleeping, exercising and social interactions are part of this. In addition, feelings and emotions play a major role in the human psyche, but also in the immune system. Many psychological problems cannot yet be explained and are therefore ignored by your science. Invisible fields affect everything. This is the most important part of the natural healing process. Immunity is directly related to this.

Trauma can be a major disruptor to your immunity.

There is a new way to quickly resolve trauma. In this the regular system may open up to a different approach to trauma. Energetic information fields of recovery may be allowed, while communication with the trauma may be through the heart. Pushing away fear may make way for allowing insight in order to become aware.

Everything is placed in a renewal and this is because of the crystalline field that is now active on earth. The light intensity gets bigger and bigger.


Allergies arise when wrong packages of material are allowed into the cell. Information processing is not going well. The body will attack itself. The new vaccinations can cause allergies, so be careful. This is a disruption of the natural communication between the cells in the body!

Vaccination: By fooling the cell, an artificially formed part of the virus 'hammer part in a fat globule' is injected into your body and the cell wall absorbs it. A foreign material enters the cell! The natural structure of molecules can react differently. They can make other connections, allergies can also arise.


The light intensity in any living cell contains light photons. This is the true living particle causing a mysterious growth associated with the Divine interactions. Something can be brought to life within the large light fields. Between the light core and the other layers in the cell, there is a living buffer of water. The water function and the protein processing are located here. Water symbolizes the feeling and when a disruptive element is placed here, the light can no longer communicate with the water. The core light of the cell is influenced from another impulse. What will this do to the natural immune system and to your feelings?

Is the immune system eventually artificially controlled and what does that mean? A worldwide experiment is currently being conducted on humans. The light in man and its communication are studied. Every person is unique and reacts in their own way, a knowing mind can restore everything. Let the heart guide you, she speaks the truth.

Feel good about which choice you are going to make.

When in doubt, wait a little longer.... until it becomes clear.

Take that space. You are worth it.

Speak to your body and feel what signals it is giving you.

You can make the choice yourself..

Be wise.

Adonai, Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

May 21, 2021

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