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Hanael: Angels of Sirius

In a beautiful moment of healing, the Angel Hanael came to me and told me about Venus and Sirius. In this message he talks about the Angels of the star Sirius.


Hanael is an Angel with a lot of feminine energy, but he spoke with a masculine voice and like many Angels they are both male and female. They carry the unity energy with them. Androgynous energy means that they have become one with God, in order to become one with God each being must first unite itself. Angels possess those qualities and work in the layers that lie between man and God. Hanael means: THE POWER OF GOD. His decisiveness is so strong and tangible that your earthly path can be transformed immediately.

Dear people, here speaks the Angel Hanael,

I am connected with the Divine ray that comes from the star Sirius and Venus. This movement of the Sirius beam is still unknown to many. Now that the new earth is opening, this layer can show itself to humans again. We are now making the lines from Sirius to Earth.

The layer in which the Angels of Sirius reside is an unknown and invisible dimension. Sirius contains many layers and parts that have been much talked about. Like Sirius A and B, there is also another dimension: The Angelic Sphere of Sirius.

This contains a "secret" Angel Code:

"To protect all higher knowledge after the fall of Atlantis, these sacred codes were transferred to the closed dimensions and kept secret. These higher dimensions were made invisible, to prevent abuse. Now the new time has come to unlock all this . So that the earth and man can take back these sacred codes, they belong to man and the earth."

Higher Divine Knowledge

The higher knowledge of Sirius is not equal to the higher magic of Sirius. We are now making the move to look higher into the vibration and you are now experiencing the connection from a higher Divine layer that is connected to Sirius.

Higher Divine knowledge is connected with the higher heart, the thimus (chakra).

You understand when this is activated that a lot of knowledge can come in.

Higher Heart Activation

The activation of the higher heart is one of the most important parts that will take place after the heart chakra. You are all being prepared for this especially spiritually. The announcement of this message can already give a lot of conversion, where it is needed. In the higher heart there is a balance that goes beyond any unity on Earth. It is the Divine oneness. Many Angels from Sirius are coming to you to activate this part. Especially with those who have a strong connection to the star Sirius.

Ancient Egypt is Renewing

The ones that carry memories of ancient Egypt, such as past lives. Can now switch to a new connection. The full moon of June is associated with the power of higher knowledge. This will work together and continue to the full moon of July 2020. De Leeuw. Sirius also plays a role here. The moon of July represents the throat chakra, speaking. Speaking according to the new codes from the higher heart and the higher Divine knowledge. It is going to be a special time and you are going to experience these activations and all of this is causing a great transformation.

Angels of Sirius and Venus

The balancers from Venus form the higher *planetary knowledge of the unity of the feminine (blue) and masculine (rose/red). These two form a unit with each other. The rainbow colors are connected with the Angels of Venus, they come from this. They use the purple unity via a planetary energy and thus nourish mother earth via cosmic knowledge. A planet has a different function than a star.

The Angels of the star Sirius work with different rays, but this renewal is connected with the color lilac and purple and with the higher *stellar knowledge.

The star Sirius has a very high vibration, especially in the Divine part. The purple and lilac rainbows carry very high vibrations. This is the unit color that will now be opened to the crystalline earth. These are complemented by the silver and gold ray. After all, these also stand for the higher cosmic duo:

The cosmic feminine living water (silver)

and the cosmic male, living sunlight (gold).

Higher cosmic feminine and masculine of Sirius

The higher cosmic female and male part are thus awakened again in man. Again and again from a higher vibration of silver and gold. The Divine touch now becomes a fact and the higher knowledge will be opened through the Angels of Sirius. The old higher knowledge on earth, such as in the pyramids of Egypt, also open further to remove the blockages that have arisen. These are immediately renewed in the layer of the new earth. The knowledge of ancient Egypt will form a foundation, but this foundation upon which the new earth is opening becomes a totally new movement. The purple crystalline movement.

A Divine growth will take place and many associated with this will arise in that new Divine concept. You are born again from this physical earth plane. This particular movement just goes through everything and you can carry it, as the new earth is entering the Aquarian Age. This belongs to Aquarius, this is the knowledge that belongs to the higher heart. The transmutation of the old passes into a new form. Don't be afraid and let go of the old.

Purple Creation Spiral

The spiral of creation is now moving and if you have always felt this deep in your heart, it will come to you. It opens up in you the creativity that you have so missed and that you once banned from your life. This spiral of creation is connected with the higher knowledge and unity. Maybe you've been waiting for this, is that why you could never start with your creative abilities? Is your connection very deep and Divine with these Angels of Sirius? Maybe you are one of them.. then make the connection and pass this energy on to the earth and man. You are unique in everything you do. You often feel lonely on Earth. Make the new dance of Aquarius and make the colors whole. Stop being disturbed and put down your new boundary.

This purple rainbow spiral goes well with the colors of Aquarius, aqua contains the rainbow colors of the blues and aqua colors. It reinforces each other in purity.


Let the purple rainbows flow from your hands like flowers, make your own dance to the new sounds and let the new colors flow from your voice. These spirals will embrace life and breathe life back into your higher heart.

This playful and childlike energy of the little boy and girl contains a lot of pure love. At the same time, maternal empathy and paternal protection embrace the child. Embrace yourself with the energy of the Angels of Sirius and experience how beautiful it is. Again they will arise on the earth and bring a totally new form, you can create with them: "in co-creation with the Divine movement".

Uneasy feeling

Are you looking for something new or do you feel inside that something is about to happen: Then this could be the connection with the Angels of Sirius. This energy is different and very excited. Will a beautiful feather fall in front of your feet or a special flower today or tomorrow? Then this is an invitation from the new energy. A pure purple ray of Light from a new spiral movement then comes your way.

These renewed purple rainbows will work together with the violet flame and the purple crystals. All purple colored energies are coming together and being renewed. Everything touches this energy and renews the sacred codes.

Man and duality

Most people think that like angels, they must first be "in perfect unity" in order to make contact with God. People in the dual world are allowed to make contact with God at all times, there are no conditions attached to this.

Hope, despair and the cry

The individual who has sunk deep into a lower world of fog may at some point cry out so desperately for God's help that he receives an instant revelation. A direct beam of Light is opened in them and the connection that is then created is so pure and loving, as if they were struck by a flash of lightning.

Power of Faith

Hardly any person on earth is permanently in perfect balance, because duality plays a major role. This often brings imbalance, disturbances and pain. What is perfection and what is it about? It's about the power of faith. The passion to believe in a great powerful source of love from which you are all born is not so simple for everyone. That is why there are Angels, to help you.

Angel codes from Sirius are very powerful and loving

Images open spontaneously in you, during a meditation or dream. And even during the day. These images are the new language and in this way everything is renewed. The tone of purple renewal is set. It lifts you up to another reality. Slowly your eyes can get used to the new perception. You perceive differently, your mind registers everything differently. This is very new to you as a human being and at the same time your soul is telling you: "This is what I have been waiting for". During the conversion, you may be overcome by a deep sleep or an intense fatigue. Admit it, it's important that you follow these feelings. You really need your rest, because these conversions can be quite tough.

This was the Angel Hanael from the Angelic sphere of Sirius and Venus

I salute the renewal in your higher heart


May 12, 2020

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