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Full Moon: Wind at the Back


When the energy of the inner light opens during the full moon of February 16, 2022, a new movement appears. This is a positive move forward.

Wind at the Back

This will not be a small push, but a whole whirlwind that will blow you forward on the new path of Aquarius. The synchronicity of many different points come together to a beautiful end point.


During the first full moon of 2022, a new point was set to activate the new beginning. In this second full moon of 2022, the new beginnings will begin to move. This movement moves forward and opens the curtain of the backstage. The old world stage is going to undergo a rapid change, with a whole new trend emerging at the political level. Not only will there be innovations in politics, but also in the economic and scientific field.

The economy has been hit hard and many are being pushed down in their vitality. Purchasing power will take a different turn and be submerged in the Aquarius water where injustice is purified. Take it easy or take some distance, as these changes can make the head explode.


Take time to rest and focus on the positive, because many changes are happening at a rapid pace. Do not follow everything with the head, but through the heart. Focus on the energy that the renewal brings. This energy leads many to new beginnings.

Stay strong in your core at all times, so that you are not torn between the old and the new. Are you going to surf the waves of Aquarius? This liberates the mind and the physical body naturally flows on the waves of renewal.


Because the inner Light opens, something beautiful happens in people worldwide. The consciousness is going to rise higher and higher, so high that many are now being touched by a beautiful love energy.

Through this love energy a togetherness can arise, a connection of like-minded spirits. No one knows where this started, but many feel the freedom that comes from it. They will follow this feeling and the start has already been made.


It has been a long time since the heart was so radiant and the passion so fierce. The powerful energy that will flow from many connects the hearts to each other. It ignites others who are still living on their pilot flame, so that this small flame becomes bigger. The warmth of the heart can be felt and that gives a lot of courage to continue.

Don't be distracted by the discouraging reports from the media, let go of this downward spiral now. The old days of powerlessness are over. There is now a clear, beautiful time, follow your heart and connect with this energy. This innovative energy gives a hopeful vision.


The Maria energy has slowly risen, because her power is enormous. The quiet opening of this energy helps to reawaken the feminine power in a completely different mode. What has now emerged is nothing compared to what is yet to come. Make sure your base is stable. Your boat goes over big waves to reach the other side. The doubters will often gasp for air, but those who know that the new age is going to help them will get through it well. Help each other when the swell gets too big. See all of this as a positive adventure where the horizon embraces the rainbow. Enjoy it, but don't try to understand it.

Let go of control and be Peaceful


Those in denial will go through a rough patch, their fears will resurface and take them into an unrealistic battle. Eventually they will come out exhausted in surrender, for there is no turning back. Aquarius is a loving but clear energy. The choice is yours to make the transition to the new energy, it will be pure and full of surrender. The bearers of the new codes are the first to pass through the gates, opening the path of unity and serving the divine voice. They are the first pioneers on the new path.

This is because they cut right through all the negativity to smooth the path for those who come after them. This is a tough task, but they are helped by the Light. A group of Light Beings is forming around them, protecting them and lifting them over the obstacles.


Deep within them a voice cries and this voice is sacred. Their inner knowing is clear, so that they will go on the new path without a doubt. The momentum of the new flow is very powerful with them and they are being guided in the right direction. Don't try to distract them, for they will wipe you out. This heart follows God's plan, right through it all. Their focus is steadfast and unflappable.


At the end of March, the light power has been built up to transmit the new movement all over the earth. The inner light force is now ready to receive the new codes. The new codes can only be opened by the new consciousness. This is a high vibration of love and peace. There are many portals of light that raise consciousness into a higher vibration.

The coming Angel Portal falls on 22-02-2022

A very powerful portal of light is activated and this 4-4-4 gate opens a new code. Through this new code man can come closer to the Higher Self, so that the inner voice can release the new knowledge. The inner light may be opened to shine in the new knowledge. The days: 04-02-2022 and 13-02-2022 were a preparation in this Angelic energy.


The old codes expire as soon as the new codes are introduced and awakened. These are very big switches, which can suddenly awaken the new consciousness. Some of you will be stuck in an old pattern one day and suddenly wake up the next morning to a new vision.

Prepare for these rapid changes.

I salute the light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

February 19, 2022

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