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Full Moon June: Aquarius breaks


The full moon of June 4, 2023 breaks through the old matrix and reveals the new resonances of cosmic consciousness. The light codes of Aquarius contain a beautiful energy that is now opening with enormous power and the child of Aquarius will speak through the new language. The cosmos sends pure waves of light to the earth and they get higher and higher. From the light of the full moon, the new codes wave to the (inner) Aquarius child.


When the Aquarius child speaks, lights appear in their eyes and a sparkling energy spreads, many

star children are activated from a dream consciousness.


They are the light codes that open from the heart and are sent directly to all they love. When these children are caught in a veil of illusion, this is now being lifted. They are invited by the cosmic waves of light to reconnect with the Divine light, allowing them to see the real truth and speak from that truth. They are going to speak through the new codes of Light, the new Aquarius language has many new sounds. They broadcast this through their dream consciousness, with the imagination spreading into the collective consciousness through the thoughts of image and sound.

No one can hold this Aquarius child captive anymore, the locks dissolve and the new codes appear in their aura. This Aquarius light will negate the matrix of illusion wherever they are.


The full moon of June 4 will activate the Aquarius field even further, causing many to feel an inner urge to do something new. Are you still looking for the right path? This will open soon. Follow the light trails of Aquarius, they lead you to a higher plane, to the great Light where your ideals become reality.


The new language of Aquarius is a creative way to integrate the new energy in a playful way. When you feel drawn to bright colors, clean sounds and smooth movement, connect with this new energy. Aquarius speaks to your consciousness through a new layer, it opens your heart where the spiritual brain awakens in another unknown layer.


The playing child belongs to Aquarius, the joyful heart will speak and a new way of communication will arise. The imagination is understood and some experience Aquarius from clear knowing, clear feeling or clear hearing. Many other clear perceptions consciously start mixing with who you are as a human being. Healing arises spontaneously in the clear connection between the spiritual feeling and the higher mental brain.


The Aquarian consciousness is so different, the old thinking is so limited. Aquarius has a much wider scope than the limited 3d consciousness connected to the matrix of illusion. These limitations are broken, creating a much larger playing field to start creating new things. Give in to the new impulses that open up in you and create your own new world.

The old dogma slowly disappears behind the scenes and makes way for enrichment, creating a new wave of energy. The tensions created by the chaos will still be present. Consciously choose to convert your mind to a positive way of life.


Not everything can be converted immediately, some shadow parts have come up faster due to this moon. From the new moon, a spicy energy entered you to make the lower parts known. This is not always fun to experience, but after the full moon the redemption will come, the insight. Conflicts have arisen to be resolved, all this is the result of a very large acceleration.


When you've lost a part of yourself in battle and trauma has blinded your eyes, now is the time to get that part back. Become whole again and restore your entire system..

When a heaviness passes by and the old pattern is transferred to a renewed form, it makes way for the new patterns of Divine love. It looks like a roller coaster that always makes a deep drop from a high point. The Aquarius child lets go of the old when it laughs and enjoys the leap of faith. Embrace the new feeling of the playing light child.


Aquarius brings many challenges. Strengthen confidence, because the light that resonates through you contains a completely different vibration. It always takes you to a new layer of deepening, how do you experience this renewal, from fear or from trust?


The old lines with your family and friendships are put to the test. Can you already perceive the new path? Let go of the old connections, it gives an unreal feeling, because Aquarius announces itself and brings something new. Don't think about what you're going to lose, think about the new gift you'll receive.


Those who dare to make the first jump in the Aquarius field end up in particularly beautiful situations, your dreams become reality. The others will follow the first, they become aware that the new era is dawning. The feeling of leaving the old behind rises en masse and the desire for something new becomes enormously powerful.


This full moon gives the go-ahead to a new impulse. During the summer solstice of June 21, 2023, the energy of Aquarius will be anchored in the first layer of the new Aquarius consciousness on Earth. The earth will give you many special experiences, so that you will experience this adventure consciously and in confidence. A new language opens up in the field of clear perception and communicating with the earth and the cosmos comes naturally to you. The Maitreya energy is in the light of the sun and sends new waves of light to the consciousness of all living things.

June 3, 2023

Arthura Hector

This message may be shared in its entirety, as it is set up and with reference to the source:

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