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Full Moon July 24: The Circle Is Almost Complete

ASHTAR: Full moon and the New Codes

Graancirkel 20 juli 2021 Engeland © Arthura


This full moon shows that there are still pieces to be conquered. Deep in one's own core, the wholeness is still complete. This God Spark contributes to the realization of the greatest liberation ever. The loose parts come together again in one large circle of connection. Whereby wholeness can come into being in physical life. The full moons in 2021 will release many new codes, so that special insights arise. Life on Earth is being renewed and all old codes are disappearing.

This force continues to work in the smallest particle, such as in an atom, and this force is generated in the smallest cell of the body. Everything is renewed.


The earth is surrounded by the twelve dimensions and these twelve gates provide access to the cosmic consciousness. Wholeness is near, the new vision is almost complete.

Pineal Gland

When the circle is complete, the pineal gland can be activated and the heart is connected to the core of the earth flower. All this is about to happen and a higher vibration is taking effect. The healing power from the Divine source of love will connect everything. The vibrations are going to rise and nothing can stop this. The earth is blooming and getting ready for the big jump.

Many layers are already interwoven with the new energy, but for some the new is not yet visible. These invisible links are the elusive part of who you once were and need to be rinsed clean. View this new particle as a lost treasure that may be found again. This is the new addition to your old personality. It is not evil that must be fought, but the vision of evil. Look through it, because the ego wants all the attention, just let this ego go and create space. Clear your vision and tune into the Divine tone. Paint your life with the rainbow colors and ask for divine manifestation power to make this happen.

Reversing Negativity

Respect everyone's ability in all situations. Every particle that one touches negatively about others comes from an old impulse. Reflect on the triggers, for the trauma is speaking through you at that moment. The shadow you abhor may now welcome you, unwrap it, for behind this banishment lies a wonderful talent. Give it love as a withered flower needs water. Let the light come in and enlighten your heart with this new talent. Because both parts need each other, positive and negative. From that union arises a new element: 'The new birth of the self.'

Ask the Divine guidance for help and be guided by the tones of wholeness.

Walk through the living labyrinth of renewal and see your exiled part. Examine it for the energy of this full moon is going to touch this in you!


The full moon casts a different light on the reflection of good and evil. The spreading of negativity pulls man down, away from the Aquarian path. In addition, rediscovering the new you can also trigger fear, so that you run away from it. Let go of the old self-image, because shame and guilt are no longer important.

The old self-image changes and soon you can embrace the new self-image. Seeing the true self-image gives liberation. You are carried by the higher field of crystalline energy.

The Lost Particle

The full moon of July 24, 2021 displays a very unusual energy, triggering the lost parts to step out of the shadows. These parts have become bogged down in the illusion, but belong to a higher part. Rediscover yourself in this lost energy and make the sacred circle whole again in the heart.

Cosmic Symphony

A Divine Symphony is the consonance of sacred tones spiraling inward. Once in the core, the light is reborn and this activates the forgotten talent. The new sounds create a symphony of joy in which a new movement is born. The new earth is recognizable from a beautiful intrinsic experience and not from outward appearances. Meet yourself in a different vibration, where a powerful part of self-esteem arises.


You will see that every day will be different, you will feel and experience this and it is good. Whatever the earth shows, feel it and let it speak to you. The water within her will begin to stir again, carrying with it the ancient codes of a lost Atlantis. More and more is emerging and old feelings remind you of a submerged continent, the washing away of the higher knowledge hurt. Rest assured, this higher knowledge is reborn in you and is now rising again.

You are the balance in the imbalance

Each full moon of 2021 brings new insights and opens an invisible layer. Many are now in a repetitive situation, where the battle must be fought again. The punch line of this repetition is contained in the core of the solution. A new approach turns everything around and there are no losers this time. Everything is allowed to flourish from a renewed concept, allow this..


Create a beautiful healing affirmation and place it in a visible place, repeat it regularly in your mind. Pronounce it during the full moon period. Let your heart speak and open the new codes of Aquarius.

I salute the light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

July 21, 2021

This message may be shared in its entirety and citing the source:

© All rights reserved Arthura Hector


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