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Full Moon January 18, 2022: New Beginning 


The Aquarius children are being called by the new age, and they are going to stand up. The heaviness in which they find themselves in recent years has deeply encroached upon their being. The repercussions of the measures that arose during Covid-19 have major consequences. The mistakes made in putting the weight on the shoulders of the youth is a new form of oppression.

This is going to explode!

There was talk in 2021 about a scandal in the allowance affair, this 'child affair' goes much further. Its size is incalculable. The new beginnings will show everything, because the Beings of Light will help to alleviate their suffering and expose the wrongs.

Cutbacks in the help of children and young people up to the age of 30 constitute a major neglect of this group. Much suffering ensues. Especially in this time of insecurity, the powers and governments should offer extra protection. Unfortunately, they choose an extreme path. They have failed to do so by cutting back on youth care. This is going to leave big marks in the future of these children. But also in the near future of those in power. It will reflect back to them, they may look in their own mirror. This one will be confrontational and many cannot handle it. They 'disappear' or commit suicide.

The Scaffold

A symbolic scaffold will affect their position. They will be reviled by the crowd, not only in politics but at all levels the abuses will surface. In small and large, this will open worldwide. The realization will arise in those who have tolerated these abuses and that is why they want to hide everything again. In a new protocol. Those who are at the top of power can no longer sustain this lie.


The cesspool starts to smell terribly and the fumes that come from here can no longer be ignored. The eyes are opened and the new power arises. Many are going to speak and open the doors of a world that has been closed until now. A great shock goes through the world when this door is opened. She is now ajar and is cracking at the seams. Many try to stop and close this door with all their might, but unfortunately that is no longer possible. The Light on Earth starts with a new beginning. This new beginning will touch and raise up all.


New Power in Man

The energy of the new beginning starts around the full moon of January 18, 2022. All who carry a memory of the many abuses with children or youth will bring this out. Many evidences and witnesses are presented, the courts give their verdict. Despite all the bribes they are offered, because in this area too it will become clear how far this has been continued.

Courts, Politicians and many other (high-ranking) people will be charged. Their denial will cause even more disgust in the crowd. They will need a lot of protection, because their lives are no longer certain. There are going to be attacks. The revelation will be so fierce that only their honesty can save their souls. The terrible abuses among the youth will spread to other areas. The feminine power is also rising.

The Mary energy will flow through everything.


The layers built up in the old system form a pyramid, and the base slowly becomes unstable. Those in power feel that too. They panic and want to divert attention to a completely different topic, such as Covid-19. Many agencies and companies play a major role in this disclosure, but not everyone knows about it. When the puzzle is completely placed, the complete picture appears. The great gate of starlight then opens, freeing them all from this condescending spiral of lies and deceit.

When the base falters, the tip collapses.

Many children and young people who have experienced problems in a traumatic way will emerge. A lot will happen this coming summer.

It takes place in steps, because the collective consciousness cannot process this in one go. When one door opens, many follow. Like a game of dominoes, everything will fall one after the other. The weakening of an old system is slowly collapsing. On many levels.

The energy of the new beginning will seep through in many areas and lead to major transformations. The old cannot stand. Increasingly stronger, the energy of renewal will start this year to bring a barrier in the entire system and this will continue until 2025.


In the meantime, it is hard work and a lot of work is being done. Many are needed, so prepare in advance in what you want to contribute. In which sector or specialty do you want to help? Make a plan. Dream about it and put it down. There is a lot to do in the youth sector, in all age groups at least a listening ear is needed.

In addition, many are needed in the financial sector and in the renewal of the economy. Politics is being reborn from a completely different source. This commitment will become a separate link that connects all sectors in a completely different way than ever before. Don't confuse all this with the Great Reset, in which those in power only gain more power. This is a completely different movement. This is the wave of Aquarius and it can be portrayed in many ways, but from love and without coercion.


The waves of renewal go through everything, including you. They take you to a completely different feeling. You become much more powerful and open, so that your base becomes stable again. This allows you to step further into your new power. That way you are carried and protected to carry out your mission. Sometimes the task can be very simple and that's a good thing. Together you form a beautiful energy of renewal that accompanies the great power of planetary consciousness. The help from the starlight will speed everything up. Traumas dissolve in this way. Especially where there are many shadows, a lot is converted.


We from the starlight come to help you face the fears and turn them into strength. Until the end of 2023, Covid-19 will make an influential move through everything, as the powers that be want to live up to their experiment. At the same time, the real truth emerges. It is a special combination. It's going to give a great insight into all levels of consciousness and into all walks of life.


At all levels there will be standard-bearers who will take the initiative for a new form and many kinds of whistleblowers will speak and come up with evidence. Many are touched by the Light of Aquarius and follow their inner voice.


New ideas and developments in many areas, such as the new living, the new working and the new learning. Nature will make visible what it needs and so here too there will be a purification in the process of innovation. The large amount of money that politicians now want to release to tackle the environment are snags. The poor people in particular are again affected. This is not a good method, this is the Build Back Better program. This is not progress, but is a backward step in which the rich get richer. As long as fear is played with to convince you, then you know that it is not right. Get away from that.

During the 12 full moons of the year 2022, this renewal will arise. In steps and with its own theme. The child will be central in everything and the inner child will also stir.

The solution is near..

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source:

© Arthura Hector All rights Reserved.

PS: While I was working on this post there was talk of abuses at the Voice in the news.. This is just one example of what is still opening up from many unexpected angles.


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