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Full Moon August 22: Protection from Inner Earth


Conversion negative vibrations and poison arrows...

From the Lightcore of the earth we send a protective energy to the surface. Negative vibrations are spread by a manipulative influence and these cause a tension field again and again. They stir up the struggle through fear. From this arise poisonous arrows which aim to disturb the sacred vision of man. Know that these negative fields are quickly losing their power and credibility, for the lies and imbalances no longer resonate in the new field of love. Give it as little attention as possible, and focus on the new Light of oneness, for the truth is emerging.


When poisonous arrows come your way, know that you are protected.

A Great Protection from the core of the earth and the cosmos is now being put down from the photon field. The great acceleration of energy will culminate in the last quarter of 2021, making harassing your energy more and more difficult. The highly vibrating particles that have arrived in Mother Earth are spreading in your system. Everything is unfolding quickly and from the full moon of August 22, 2021, an extra energy wave will arise and she will make powerful waves. A new energy cleans everything up. This purification is necessary to filter out all negative thoughts. You will notice it in a subtle attunement with nature, the sun and the moon. This opens the heart of humanity.

Don't see all this as a fight or struggle

Create a divine energy of love through the new fields. Let an ethereal beauty appear on your retina. In this way a new sphere of Divine unity is born. The louder the negative signals become, the more you may dwell in the silence to invoke the power of peace. Focus on beautiful things, so that fear and new fields of tension become smaller and can no longer arise. If your soil is pure and healing, the seed of Divine creation will start to grow in your heart.


Are you also one of the dreamers?

Every human being is connected to the dream sphere, especially during sleep. The dream consciousness is always present, even in the waking state. Manifesting the peace starts with yourself and through pure intention you can achieve it. The creative dreamers who travel through dreamtime are touched by a sacred wish. They can now create an extra pure power to further bring their wish to life. Through the crystalline field, they may connect the sacred lines. These sacred lines of light consist of new vibrations and protect pure intention. This is a special path for those who pursue it. They protect the blueprint of the soul from dreamtime. Remember that a dream can also become a reality. Circles of love are also formed around the dreamers, so that the dream can arise in matter.

What are your deepest desires?

Dream yourself free and go to the field where the wish is born. Feel deep within your soul what lies ahead of you and tune into this new sphere of limitless possibilities.

Are you a Temple of Light and Peace?

Many beacons will arise: In, on and above the earth. This will be the new field of work in which man can create with the higher life forms. Many kinds of manifestations are possible, choose the specialization that suits you and realize it. Everything arises from your own free choice. Follow your heart's desire to do good, for then a protective energy forms around you and a new path of healing.

Full Moon Cycle

The full moon plays a major role in building energy, the earth is about to open up to the supreme love and creations of the Divine Manifesto. The earth is supported by the moon and the crystals reflect back and forth, so that the vibration becomes stronger. The moon makes waves just like the water and the water crystals resonate on all this at an accelerated rate. The cycle of the moon makes the full circle from the void.


This beautiful phenomenon is getting stronger and stronger, the sunlight will increase in frequency. So that the new earth becomes visible and manifests itself in a higher layer of energy. From this high frequency a special healing power is born. This renewing power is manifested through the photon light, so that each person receives a light upload and can transition into the new waves of manifestation. There may be moments of negativity in this transition, but the protective forces in and around people ensure that the transition is realized.

In the new time everything is possible, because nothing is impossible

Everyone will be nourished by the renewed flow of healing thoughts. These will flow from the core of the Earth and directly from your energy as a human being. The earth radiates her heightened frequencies to everyone, including those who are not yet consciously touched. You just have to go into the stillness and allow the waves of renewal. Experience it and you will immediately receive great protection. Radiate this protection to your environment from a passive attitude. Be the channel and the beacon, be the silence and the receiver. More is not necessary. The active Divine current flows through you and thus spreads to all around you. The knowledge of innovation is opened.


The high frequency on earth ensures that people can put down much more than before. From 2022, many new possibilities will arise to convert innovative ideas into a realistic form.

Were your ideas ever impossible or too ambitious? Now is the time to bring it up again and work out the plan further. Try again and you will see that the process is much more exciting. From the new light power you can refine it and attune it to the new time.

Say the wish silently to yourself and out loud to the world around you. The energies of the dreamtime are then awakened, so that the manifestation of the dream power is set in motion.

Nothing is impossible, because everything is possible!

Walk the path of unlimited possibilities.


Adama, I salute the Light in your heart

August 21, 2021

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