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Full Moon April: Point of Dept & Struggle

Lady Luna: Opening Sacred Knowledge

When the moon becomes full on April 16, 2022, I, Lady Luna, will shine upon the portal of Sacred Knowledge. The collective memory will receive the enlightenment and many arrows of light will be sent to those who have opened their hearts to the new earth. This moon is the turning point in your energy and sometimes it goes haywire. Try to follow the turning point from a relaxed feeling and let the inspiration that will bubble up deep within you quietly release.


Tension has increased worldwide during this lunar cycle. The superpowers face each other and reach a low point, so that the battle is so sharp that it seems for a while that there is no turning back. Those at the helm may become aware of the impact: it can escalate into a major failure. When this nadir is reached the arrows of light will be sent and enlighten the mind in this dire situation.

The Divine Intervention has Begun


Old memories from a distant past begin to move through the mind, for an old hatred has affected many. Spontaneous images from the distant past about war and destruction will enter those in power and break the trance of this force. Those at the helm will awaken from the trance of manipulation and competition. Insight and sorrow will begin to circle in the heart so that the memories of the past are not repeated in a new form. Images and shadows from the past are resolved. This will become visible during the next lunar cycle in May.


The earth has started a process of purification, it is going to purify itself of all hatred and imbalance. Unfortunately, man translates this into a war, a struggle for power. Not everything is told in your media, there is another reason behind this war and it has to do with a cosmic race that is being kept hidden.


The energy of Sacred Knowledge descends upon the earth and enriches all that still sleeps. It awakens the passion for the truth. The eyes open further and the soul's eye wakes up from a deep sleep. The images received by the soul's eye touch an inner truth. Visions of the future are now starting to become visible from the bottom. In this way the earth will spread images of a future full of sorrow and suffering, also for those in power. They will not escape the dance. This insight will be the deciding factor to change course. A different course will soon emerge and the World of Light will support this turn in the next lunar cycle in May.


A special knowledge enters the human being and will make the mind aware of your soul pain. The Light knowledge is going to unfold and deep in the heart you will know where the path of liberation lies. It will heal the soul, for old emotions of war and destruction may be healed. Memories of hatred for fellow man now become abundantly clear and can be transmuted. Here lies the root of all discrimination and oppression, which keeps coming up again and again.


Your inner mirror reflects the war in your world, unfortunately this is still the way to wake the human up. Slowly the path of love becomes visible, so that peace can arise. Up to a certain height man can choose, but the earth has a planetary connection and it is very strong. During this trough, Earth will have a planetary update and this will bring about a major reversal.

Those who have lived many lives will start to mix the old and new knowledge into a new color palette. Many images, sounds and smells come to them.

Try not to push this away, but to receive it in love. Make room for this beautiful innovation. The moment of awakening can come to you in an unexpected way, step out of your human programming and follow this sacred touch.

Fear not, for the Divine Light has decided to guide Earth to a point of planetary awakening.


This was Lady Luna

I salute the Light of liberation in your heart

Apr 16, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

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