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Full Blood-Moon May: Light Consciousness & ShadowGovernment Disconnected 

ASHTAR: The Circle is Complete, Takeover Light now a fact.


During the eclipse of the full moon on May 16, 2022, the dark part will be strongly reflected and touched, so that the power of the shadow disappears in your world.

This blood moon displays the color red when the eclipse occurs. Red is the color of passion, passion, movement and action.

In your dual world, there is a balance between light and dark. This balance has been severely disturbed and now healing is coming. The solar flares carry many cosmic waves that bring electrically charged particles to Earth and all of this will have consequences in the Earth's magnetic field. A magnetic light portal will be created in which the electrically charged particles come together in unity.


In the ethereal light of the cosmos a parallel passage is opened and this light penetrates deeply into the consciousness of the earth and seeps into the consciousness of man. A new earth will appear from its inner core and become invisible to the gross world.


The earth is taken up into a higher plane of manifestation and there it enters the etheric light dimension. This is the manifestation of entering the higher field, where the light photons are very active. The photon belt in which the Earth is located has the properties of a zero point energy. It brings healing in all layers: 'Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual'.

The photons of the light hit the cells of the human being and the light DNA becomes active.

There is a process of healing towards a higher evolution. In quantum physics, this property is called "ninetropy": The refracted light of the rainbow reunites at the zero point, the white light of unity.


The earth goes from a coarse material to a fine material density. The lower gross material field, which has a heavier mass, continues to exist for a while as a parallel secondary world. To catch those who do not pass into the light. Those who consciously or unconsciously choose a gross material reality can lead and complete their lives there. This heavier field will eventually dissolve and disappear naturally.


The shadow government plans to use this parallel sideworld to: 'Set up The Big Reset', which will seduce humans into a new artificial matrix. This negativity causes disturbances and the nadir of all lies becomes visible.


The individual process of ascension has started and your inner experience is opening into another reality. This is the reality of a world where peace goes hand in hand with freedom, harmony and creativity. The freedom to move to a higher vibration is an individual and inner process.


The opening of the inner light can ultimately be experienced as a group process. This Divine awakening will be noticed and the opening of the unification causes great explosions of light. This helps the earth to ascend more quickly into the etheric field of grace and unity.

Many full moons are yet to come to reflect the light in the water of man.

There in the higher field the signals will be passed on to the consciousness on Earth and their minds will be impregnated with unique ideas. The shadow fields will shrink further and further. Timelines weighed down by the karma of suffering are cleared. In it the higher light is released and the new timeline can now be connected in the etheric field.


An internal conflict is occurring within the circles of those in power, as a result of which many relaxations will take place. Those in power will deliberate and there will be a sudden turnaround. The lockdown in China (Shanghai) will also be released from that point.

This is the sign of easing that this moon brings. The war in Ukraine will end on a truce by the summer. The fall brings to light many of the economic abuses that have resulted from it. Current politics is in jeopardy.

The easing is realized in many situations, where people get stuck in unreasonable conflicts, this starts and that brings relief. This relief of gravity is necessary to cope with the great electromagnetic wave that peaks from the cosmos during the summer. This wave can break open the manipulations of consciousness and dispel shadow fields, giving humanity enormous inner strength to stand up for the truth. Many groups come together that share an inner truth.

This inner process is achieved from a deep union, so that humanity becomes strong and stable again after all the blows it has received.

The light will prevail.

Adonai Ashtar,

I salute the light in your heart.

May 16, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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