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Dutch Cabinet Waves and Falls Apart 



The government in the Netherlands has been faltering for some time. The waves get higher and break up on the figurehead of the prominent politician. Never before have the fluctuations been so great and the abuses so clear.

Dutch politics finds itself in a tight spot when the announcements come from the children in need. They stand up and speak the truth about their situation. Dire cases surface and this will lead to a low point.

This truth will not sustain the current cabinet, because the shock is too great. The indignation will blow over the Netherlands like an emotional wave and the foreign media will buzz with awe.


There will be even more movement in the disclosure of background information. This tottering cabinet will eventually come to a deep fall, but this will not be news to them.

The allowance affair was and is a major misconception and many have suffered and are still suffering from this inhumane course of action. This legislation needs a major overhaul. Too many innocent children and young adults have become involved in this facade.


Mother Mary supports and protects all these children who have suffered because of this earthly legislation that has damaged them. Those responsible for this remain in a denial attitude, but that will soon come to an end. The Divine energy intervenes and the light starts to shine in the hearts of these children.


Once again the cabinet will fall and they want to once again govern the Netherlands caretakers. Unlike 2021, they will now pull the shortest strings. The entire allowance affair brought down the Rutte III cabinet in 2021 and the Rutte IV cabinet again, this time with a completely different outcome.


The energy of the coming full moon of September 10, 2022, will vibrate all of this.

The start of the disconnection will be swift and many children will be freed from a plight. Add to that the many wrongs that still persist. All this plays into it and it leads to a certain political low point.


An extra healing energy is released that is deeply touched by this chaos. Everyone is supported in this phase by the intense love of Mother Mary. On many levels the chaos becomes a fact and the whole world is watching. The cabinet must now give in and offer extra help to the Dutch people where poverty is rising. Their harsh attitude can no longer be tolerated. They can no longer turn their heads from the many wrongs they have caused.


The drought is caused by the magnetic wave that is now spreading and making everything static. This will soon change, as soon as the rain comes the completion will be a fact and everything will be restored.

The magnetic wave has reached the Earth's ionosphere and is opening up the truth on many levels. In addition, the activations continue: 'Your consciousness is opened and the aura gets an update'.

This update prepares humans for the next leap in consciousness. A special power opens in your heart. Do you take time to rest and do you sometimes feel an electrical impulse? A magnetic wave indirectly hits your energetic field, creating higher, higher frequencies.

When the chaos becomes too much and your energy drops, take a time out and recharge yourself. There's no point in exhausting yourself. Keep taking care of yourself from a safe environment at all times.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

September 5, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector,www.ashtar-rose.comAll rights reserved.


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