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Double Transmutation Power in June: Sun and Moon 

RA: Summer Solstice and Full Moon June 2021

A major cleaning shift has been activated via the sun on June 21, 2021. That means that the crystalline field on Earth has accelerated the transformation process. Many have felt and observed this. A violent solar storm approached the earth, so that the crystalline field was extra activated in its light power. In addition, the full moon of June 24 was an additional force of revelation.

Transformation codes are now emerging and being received by humans. All this will provide a great leap forward in the near future. Your range of consciousness is getting wider and wider. The earth goes into the depths and the sacred knowledge is brought up. Feel what you need right now: Are you taking rest or do you want to get moving? The move that many people are going to make is a reaction to the "standstill" of the last lockdown. A renewed liberation arises.

This creates a wave of relief and the solstice waves along with it.

The heat and the coolness will alternate, the crystal field ensures pleasant weather. It transforms the climate.

A surging energy seeks harmony in the chaos. It purifies and restores the trauma fields, opening a clear view. Enjoy the openness and harmony that will come your way. Don't worry about the misery that is presented. Follow the positive feeling at all times.

The choices you make are important for your personal processes. Make sure that these are completed in the year 2022, because that year will be the stepping stone to a completely new energy wave. The sun will play a special role in the coming decades. The information fields of the light open through the crystalline field so that everyone can receive this information. Participating in the Aquarius Field is becoming more accessible.

The 21st century is the period of research and renewed knowledge. An alternative science will recognize this photon light and observe this innovation with amazement. The sun undergoes a transmutation, making the virtual part visible. There are many types of light units and they operate in different fields. So there are different light units on Earth. Photosynthesis will become an important base of knowledge, to serve as an example in other systems. The water is more important than ever. Anything containing water will be permeated by the crystalline field.

The use of light pulses will provide a major advance in science. Splitting atoms will no longer fuel your progress. Instead of this man comes to a special conclusion. An opposite view is obvious.


Generating energy can be viewed from a different angle. Researching new energy sources will arise in contrast to what has been gathered up to now. The storage will arise from a biological origin, this living energy source is in everything and everyone. Energy is present everywhere and therefore there is an abundance of energy on earth. The reception and transmission of light energy through the crystalline field will be much faster and more subtle.


The sun is an empathetic star and radiates energy to the entire solar system. The earth receives this light and communicates with it. The distance from the sun to a planet plays a crucial role in this coming evolution. The closer a planet is to the sun, the higher its consciousness will be. A totally different view arises, because consciousness receives the radiation from the photon belt.


From the moment the Earth entered the photon belt, it was infiltrated with high light and its temperature rose temporarily. In this first transition from 2000 to 2012, the Earth was warmed by the highly vibrating particles of the photon light. In the second transition from 2012 to 2020, the transmutation was initiated. The vibration of the ion layer around the earth became higher and this gave an extra voltage. A tension that lasted and increased until 2020. The particles that caused overheating suddenly changed shape. In a still invisible layer, the ionic layer around the earth became crystalline. During the year 2020, the crystalline field has been made active. As a result of which the consciousness of man has accelerated, as a result the shadow fields were pushed to the surfaces.


Not all rapidly vibrating light photons cause global warming. Within the crystalline grid, a transmutation occurs, which can create a cold front. Water clouds are created by condensing water vapor in saturated air. Water vapor can mature into ice crystals and thus form ice clouds. Mixed clouds contain both water droplets and ice crystals. Warm and cold fronts will flow over the Earth.

Heat and cold will coincide and form a nice balance to help planet Earth in its evolution. This is a new science that will come to man. Photosynthesis of light and water will serve as the basis. Nature on earth changes considerably, but the physical reactions also change. The crystals in the material body (including humans) mutate into a subtle material body, this body is more transparent in energy. A fine-material crystal body is thinner and lighter.


Directly or indirectly, virtually all life on Earth depends on sunlight as an energy source. Photosynthesizing organisms are able to self-energize and synthesize themselves from inorganic matter (including water and carbon dioxide) and light. This makes them independent of other organisms for their existence.

Full Moon of June 24, 2021: Revelation

This full moon of June is causing a major shift in crystalline consciousness. This places the human being in a higher frequency. The unity energy increases and the photon belt activates this love connection of the Venus energy. It simplifies everything on Earth. The shadow side will now reveal itself completely. This will lead to a turning point in 2022. Everything will start moving in a building wave where a certain point of transmutation is reached.

This full moon is bright and translucent with energy. The invisible will show itself. This moon is crystalline and transmits the energy of crystal consciousness. Both in the ion layer around the earth and in the water of the earth's core. Many crystals are activated with the new knowledge of Aquarius. A new knowledge comes to life in man through the water crystals of Aquarius. The energy of Venus plays a role in this. Crystals are pure transmitters and receivers. Telepathic abilities increase and the crystalline human is put into gear. In combination with the summer solstice of June 21, a special transmutation will occur. From 2022 to 2033, the subtle element will develop on earth, a very new appearance of life.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland will be positively influenced by both the sun and the moon of June.

The moon works through the night to make the shadows of the unconscious visible. The sun shines on the day to make the visible visible part blossom. They both form a beautiful pair in which no part is skipped.

Allow the moon and sun to open in your heart so that a crystalline awakening can take place in conjunction with the pineal gland.

Adonai this was Ra

We salute the light in your heart

July 24, 2021

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source:

© All rights reserved Arthura Hector

*Explanation Photon Belt

This belt of electromagnetic energy revolves around the Pleiade star group. It is believed that our solar system completes an orbit around the central sun (= Alcyone) of the Pleiade approximately every 25,800 years. Our solar system passes through the center of this belt every 12,500 years on average, twice per cycle. Crossing the photon belt takes about 2000 years. The current passage coincides with the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This passage is said to be accompanied by a massive shift in consciousness, a massive awakening, where all that is (still) hidden will come to light. A period in which veils (= Pisces) are lifted and universal truth is revealed (= Aquarius). This also takes place on a personal level, as a result of which we are confronted with our shadow sides. The increased energy propels everything that has been repressed upward so that it can come to the surface. The truth liberates or the water liberates?


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