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December: Light Explosion Portals 3-3-3

ASHTAR: The Light Portals in December

The frequency of the Light will increase in the month of December, this will be the month of the Light. This Divine Light will radiate all over the earth and the pineal gland will be connected to the crystalline grid.

This light will create an opening in the darkness during the winter solstice. So that impurities disappear, all this will be a preparation for the year 2022. Viruses will decrease sharply or even disappear in 2022. The Light World will help every person energetically to increase the light, so that the virus weakens.


The portals in the energy of the 3-3-3 will be opened on: December 2, December 3, December 10, December 12, December 19, December 21, and December 30, 2021. These are the creation portals of Divine Intention. The crystalline field is ringing higher and higher.

The energy starts to rise and climbs so high that there is a large upload. During this great upload, a great light will open and descend, a very high frequency coming your way. This can give many lucid dreams. Remember these dreams and see if there is a connection in the year 2022, because important signals are being sent now. The 3-3-3 energy is also a 3x3 energy of the ninth portal, nine is the completion of a certain process. Next year a new crystalline circle will start. The innovation is continuing.

Pineapple Gland

The light will resonate in such a way that the pineal gland also goes along with these waves of consciousness. A big change is about to take place. Some who have never undergone a pineal activation may now begin to experience it. When opening this chakra in the head, the telepathic impulses become active. If this has happened to you before, new waves are being led through this chakra.

An upload of Light. Different types of explosions can be observed in the waking state, take a rest in time and do not strain the head. In most cases it takes place during sleep, through the dream it comes to you. Afterwards, there may be some complaints of fatigue or some head complaints, such as a heavy head, dizziness, numbness, headache and poor vision. Take this seriously and ensure proper relaxation. These complaints should not last too long.


During the full moon of December 19, the anchoring of the crystalline Light will take place. After this anchoring, the earth can absorb much more light and radiate it more powerfully. What does this mean? This means that the anchoring can now also be realized in humans via the crystalline grid. The grid is now completely completed and is used to usher in the new era in the subtle and gross consciousness. The gross (physical) body undergoes a number of conversions, as a result of which the mind and the body of the human being are attuned to each other. They will resonate differently: 'It can feel completely different for a while'. In addition, it seeks its balance in the different layers of consciousness. The shift is now clearly noticeable.


The feeling of change can be compared to being submerged under water. Ringing ears, different whistles and ringing bells increase and now sound different pitch. With the feeling of being underwater, your consciousness is slowly attuned to the new resonance. This can give a special sensation. Some of you have a hard time focusing or tuning in, emotions also pass, this is only temporary. Just surrender and a new way of being will appear.


A dull feeling or a very clear feeling in the head can alternate. This is because the anchoring of the new frequency must find its benchmark. The balance is restored to the new tone. The new crystalline field is going to vibrate through you. You can literally hear or see the sounds of the crystalline field. The physical senses are regularly taken over by the energetic senses. This gives a wavy feeling and the head may feel as if water is flowing into it. Not only the head is flushed with new energy, the entire aura receives the update. Feeling slightly unwell, dizziness or some nausea can be caused by an imbalance. The Light World assists people and helps to bring everything into balance, most changes take place at night and you do not notice it much. Flashes of light or other forms of light can thereby be observed.


A special purification process will arise via the new water energy, the old energy will make way for the new energy of Aquarius. When this process is complete, your consciousness and the pineal gland can receive, absorb and radiate more light. Plasma fields are created and activated. The heart can vibrate so high that there is relief. Becoming enlightened now goes in fast waves, give your body the space for that. At the end of this year 2021, many will have a special experience, often through dreams, visions or out-of-body experiences. Know that the World of Light is by your side to make the passage safe.


Your dreams become very clear. The communication of the crystalline field is different than you are used to, rather through clear perceptions. A dream can feel so realistic that the distinction between real and dream is almost impossible to perceive. This is because life in a crystalline world is much more translucent. Everything becomes visible. There are no more hidden secrets. The ability to see through problems provides insight and understanding. The empathic feelings become stronger and communication is more and more through thoughts. The thought flow through Divine love gives transparency. The manipulators do not understand this and want to put this in frameworks, but this is not possible. Their frustrations mount.

Prepare for a Light Explosion at the end of the year 2021

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

December 11, 2021

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