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CROWN ACTIVATION: December 21, 2021 Winter Solstice

Meditate and tune in!

This year the midwinter will take place from a beautiful energy, an activation and anchoring of the crystalline field. From this energy you can say that after a long time this day can be regarded as sacred again. This afternoon she will reach her point at 4:58 pm. After the full moon of December 19, 2021, the placing of the Divine Seal came into effect. This midwinter day is now connecting with your crown chakra. The white crystals in the sky indicate that winter has arrived. A virgin white blanket begot many crystals on plants last night and everything got cold. You feel the purity of energy in the air. This is the freshness of the crystals. Your crown is activated and the crystalline field anchors. How beautiful can that be?

The winter solstice celebrates the birth of a new solar year and the beginning of winter. The solstice celebrates, among other things, the innate creative powers of nature.

Mother Earth breathes and the land rises and falls gently to her enchanting rhythm. Her gentle inhalation slows, however, with the touch of the cold. The presence of the sun has diminished to bring the shortest day and longest night.


The hidden seeds will germinate in the year 2022, a special year of renewal. The ancient and globally celebrated rites that attended the winter solstice symbolize nature's innate creative forces that lie just beneath the surface at this time of year. Frozen seeds and deep dream power.

Sacred knowledge of life

This Earthly and Cosmic cycle has its roots in ancient times. The cycle of the sun and its effects on the earth are the wonderful synergy; Father Sun caresses Mother Earth in an ancient sky dance, magically weaving in all the people who participate. The Celts, Native American, Persians, African tribes and Bon tribes in Tibet carried the knowledge about the sun and passed it on to their children. Understanding the life cycles is important and may be reopened. The land, the rain, the animals, the plant life, the warm sun and the cold winter play an essential part in the universal plan. Mother Earth possessed the sacred knowledge of life, and by observing the rhythm of her patterns and the daily cycle of the sun, people learned to live in harmony with the forces of nature.


Celebrating the renewal of this natural cycle has made the shift to Christmas. The Christmas tree in our culture indicates that we long for the new fruits. This does not always have to do with the physical fruit, but often with the new creations of the mind. Early cave paintings around the world depict the sun's transitions through the year in honor of the winter solstice as a pivotal point in the year. In which you can put your dream and manifestation power and plant it like a seed for the next solar year.

The collaboration with the sun plays a major role in this. It is the connection of your dreams (moon) with the sun (manifestation). The sun is shining more and more and the days are getting longer, so that your germinating dream can finally manifest itself in the sun-drenched summer. The light of the sun will germinate your dream seed and develop the power of its manifestation. We may direct our attention inward, to the lunar energy. To find your new dream for the coming new solar year through the moon. The moon will enchant the seed in the ground and the sun will lift it up.


Celebrate this power within yourself and shape it. Let your crown chakra shine. Feel and follow your heart. Be creative! This knowledge of the sun is now going to resurface. The meanings are released again and people can start living again as they should. Free and according to the heart. Like a sun man with a radiant crown. To receive the signals from the sun and the cosmos.

Connect today, and if possible at 5pm this afternoon. Activate your crown..

Go celebrate life again.

Solar winter greeting

© Arthura Hector

21 Dec 2021

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: ©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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