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Corona Wreath of Light: The Answer to the virus is Light

Arthura: How can this beautiful name be linked to a fear virus?

The rise of the coronavirus (SARS according to Ashtar) became active from the third new moon (February) and increased until the third full moon of March 9, and will also be largely negated when this March moon wanes. The detoxifier was placed in the physical world through a virus? I can only pass on this answer later, being patient is sometimes difficult for me, because..

A wave of fear came over our world.


While I knew it would blow over, I noticed in my sensitivity that it was doing something to me. It arose completely unexpectedly while shopping. Slowly and unnoticed a vague feeling came into my head and my stomach started to play. I came from the supermarket sick and because of that I decided to go home quickly. At home I came to rest and I wondered, what is this now? A nauseous and unwell feeling came up and it overcame me. A heaviness around my shoulders, this pressed me down on the chest and also as if I were floating outside my body for a while. Losing myself for a while doesn't bother me often, going on a trip is nice and this was vague, unknown ..

What was my problem and what could I do about it? It was indeed correct, because the group meetings had been stopped from February, and I was put in an *energetic quarantine. So I was told by Ashtar and now I understand it better.

At a certain moment I understood that the collective fear was so worldwide, and that every person is connected to it. I felt this so clearly now! My sensitive antennas ensured that I picked up this particular wave. It was a mixture of emotions from different parts of the world, but also something else.

Fear in China is different than in Italy or the Netherlands

The tension of the collective consciousness is prevalent among the population and is really intense and true. I felt a vague feeling in my abdominal area, the detoxification was started. I didn't recognize this feeling, because I had never felt a world fear before and I almost passed out. It came in so violently. I received the signals from all over the world, but also the solutions. Yet there was more… something I could not and cannot explain. I dissolved, in a way that I didn't like.

From that moment on I realized, I have to deal with this differently. I withdrew from my inner answers and cosmic conversations. I also decided not to go to the shops anymore, but I also noticed: where many people were present, I had that strange feeling of restlessness, of fainting. Like I was being sucked into something. I didn't want any contact for a while, my whole being couldn't handle this. The tension was too great to bear or to convert. This was something outside of me, which I had to "close" properly?

What I can and cannot do...

I didn't want to end up in a mass audience anymore, that gave me a bad feeling that built up the longer I stayed here. Where many fearful thoughts were present, such as in the shops.

Rather withdraw myself. Looking for peace in nature .. but I also noticed unrest here. I noticed that the trees and nature were also flooded with tension, they also absorb this!

Sacred places, on the other hand, can transform this, just for us humans in the physical plane. Pieces of the puzzle fell together for me. The earth tries to reach us and communicate with us, to keep us healthy. But what if we can no longer respond?


And then the sun shone in my eyes, after I came home unwell and fell on the couch. I felt that this light was helping me. I became relaxed and let in the heat. I decided to sit outside in the sun and this is how I communicated with the sun:

"The sun and the garland of light after which this virus is named...there also lies the answer for healing and recovery!"


"Let the sun enter you, soft and yet bright. Being in the sun gives a nice feeling. The warmth feels like an embrace of a father and child. It can be so safe and comforting. It can be that simple. Because via the heat, the burning up, the virus can reduce itself Dissolving the virus: where there is a shortage of LIGHT, the virus manifests. Where also the energy of the virus has entered too much and everything around it, a dark spot The collective consciousness we are all connected to is overloaded:

The virus will be hit in our collective or will our collective be hit by the virus?"


The sun is the protector of fear and of the artificial concept, the virus. So when the darkness opens, seek out the sun. Physically, he is the medicine for the moment. Energetic unlimited. Enjoy, but don't let your skin burn. Protect your eyes from an over-upload of light. When too much light shines into the eyes, you get an overload: "just closing them protects them well, because these are your natural sun visors".

The moon and sun work together on a healing solution for you.


Shouts out to you and hopes that all of us on Earth now come to realize what is at stake. Don't think there's nothing wrong!

Go to your gut feeling and let the outside world do it. Choose your own path of recovery and healing, as this moon gives you the opportunity to look deeply into your inner crystalline soul. At the same time, the outermost layer, the collective consciousness, will begin to touch you. Learn to deal with it well, because this will not be the only form of imbalance that will arise. Think of it as training for tomorrow.

We as human beings are allowed to learn, with small, yet spicy steps, what it is like to enter the transition phase of a new world.


I asked Ashtar this morning: "When can I share the next cosmic message, because you have shown me so much?" But he pointed me to the date of the end of March. He asked me to wait a little longer and be patient, so that this knowledge can be passed on in the right way.

Yet I wanted to pass this piece on to you with my own experiences and as stubborn as I am... hereby.

I salute the (sun) Light in your heart

Arthura Hector

March 16, 2020

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source:

All rights reserved ©Arthura Hector


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