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Cold War II: Deception


Unlike the cold war of the last century, now there will only be a deception. They are the convulsions of an old world in which positions of power are about to falter. These positions of power have been unbalanced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The experiment causes a major economic imbalance and therefore those in power want to divert attention to an armed peace, so that the damage caused during the virus is camouflaged.

Thrills and thrills will still be the way to affect the world from their point of view. The collective consciousness of man is thus not given any rest. The consequences of the virus are becoming increasingly apparent. A major imbalance has arisen on all levels and how are those in power going to solve this? In the coming years, the economy will bottom out from the old system, so that a new way will be born from an emergency.


At the same time, a beautiful knowledge opens up, this new knowledge creates a natural path of recovery. Follow this path and don't get distracted.


In a previous message of December 19, 2021, it was already indicated that the virus would weaken. I'll go into this in more detail now. Those in power had expected that the mutations of the virus would be much more severe. The opposite took place, they are now tripping over their own feet. Due to the great acceleration of light that culminated in December 2021, the negative part of the virus was weakened.

Mother Earth, the Starlight Forces and many Lightworkers on Earth have worked hard to channel the Light Explosion in December. It was a wonderful collaboration to bundle the highlight of Light in December into a great power of love. Many shadows have been worked out as a result, the shadows were also reduced in the world of thoughts. The great shadow of fear that had arisen in recent years was nipped in the bud again. This process of enlightenment continues to develop.


Those in power want to continue to stretch everything to expand the experiment through many vaccination programs. The last lockdown, including in the Netherlands, had to increase the energy to dismantle the Light Explosion. This has obvious consequences, because everyone will see through the game.

In this way, their 'plans' only become more transparent. The logic in everything disappears, even for many groups that previously supported it. The booster injection campaign still got off to a good start and she wanted to get this out. They are slowly realizing that this must now come to an end. It is nice to see that the power no longer lies with the ruler. The barrier is clearly visible, even in the media. The new power is becoming visible and many are now feeling it in the heart. All this is only increasing.


Those in power now want to turn their attention to another problem. A second cold war could cause a great deal of tension. This plan will fail, as a great wave of Light (after the Light Explosion of December 2021) will advance from March 2022 and put everything into a reset. This wave will bring relief to the heart of man, so that everyone will bounce back after a long period of aggravation. This power makes the heart light and brave, so that many speak from their inner voice.

Spring will start this year with a new birth, a fresh start. On an energetic level a lot is going to happen, because there will be an energetic rebirth in the collective consciousness and this will provide a great leap forward. This works well into late summer. All spirits are rinsed clean and enriched with new energy.


The wave of progress is rising and everyone is going to feel it. This is necessary after all the trauma that has arisen, this healing power gives positivity again. After each aggravation, a release point is needed to calm the mind again. A Liberation Day is an important marker of recovery in the timelines. The Covid-19 period will also need a point of recovery, but where will it be placed? For many this was no ordinary war. The after-effects that will show themselves in the terrible suffering carry with them a war trauma. A liberation point will be manifested by them. All this resets the mindset and many eyes open! The large light wave will accelerate and the abuses will be made public. By the end of 2023, much clarity will have emerged and this will continue for years to come.


Those in power want to use the emergency brake to slow down all this, but that will not work. Not through a Cold War II and not through a new virus or a mutation thereof. The strategy that is now being applied is to hold the fear in another area. A traumatized person is weaker and easier to manipulate than when the abuses are looked back at with fresh eyes. Recognition becomes a fact.

Those in power want to continue working to the point of 'the big reset'.


The moment of pause after a war is necessary to calm all minds and to celebrate freedom. A kind of reset button: "I'm safe again, it's finished". *NWO: Those in power will not see it that way and do not want to apply that reset this time. The great field of fear, they want to maintain and further increase in order to reach their ultimate goal. They want to continue to feed the antichrist of the shadows.


Your own strength and choice determine in which world you want to live. Not only the material world is going to renew itself. It is precisely the psychic condition of the mind that this new world is going to manifest. After years of oppression, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Tune in to this energy and help set this down with each other or individually. Bring forth the power of a new peace-loving world, it is your future that may be set: the rulers do not determine everything. They try to roll out a plan from a world in which struggle and victory continue to play a role. The eternal battle in which the male energy is triggered and abused.

The Maria energy starts to stir and eventually brings the balance. This can only arise if the human being cherishes the desire deep in the heart to embrace the balance. With a peaceful paradise as the end goal.

An arms race is like a virus, it plays with power and fear in the minds of man. Manifest your own creative thoughts and enrich yourself with the Light of Aquarius.

I salute the Light in your heart

Adonai Ashtar

January 26, 2022

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© Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

* NWO = New World Order


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