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In the coming period, the solar flares will become even more active than before. They get bigger and bigger with intervals of rest. The entire Solar System is thus supplied with a vast sea of Divine cosmic energy. Planets and stars therefore end up in a higher energy field. It can even go as far as star flares.

Many 'heat waves' will arise on earth and in the cosmos.

This large electromagnetic wave will hit the earth, literally placing the world and humans in a different light.

This special effect will cancel out the falsehoods and even out the imbalance. In addition, this great cosmic wave opens the cosmic consciousness of man. The build-up of this powerful wave will be laid down layer by layer over the coming months. Gradually, more and more energy is released via the ever-expanding solar flares. The field created by the great solar flares is emitted throughout the cosmos. It will place everything in a higher frequency.


This phenomenon causes a major change in the dark matter field, which eventually results in a large wave of highly charged *proton particles. This will reach the earth in a few months and cause a major purge in the electro-magnetic field. The brain waves are lifted to higher theta waves.


Theta waves: 4 to 8 Hz. These brain waves can be associated with creativity, inspiration, dreams and 'visual thinking'. Theta waves occur during physical activity as well as during REM sleep. The new knowledge is downloaded through this theta wave.


From this cosmic wave, the proton particles continue to work in consciousness and open the cosmic consciousness. Lightworkers are becoming aware of the power of the cosmos, its influence on the earth and man. This will open up much new knowledge. With a special group of starseeds the cosmic DNA is activated, they will explore a whole new layer. In the coming months, the frequency of the Schumann (Earth) resonance will be increased in preparation for the big wave that will reach Earth this summer.


Nature will respond to this high wave by means of heat waves and torrential rains. Electricity can be disrupted on Earth.

On the psychological level, there will be a clearing of the disconnection of old psychic fields. Old karma and negative family lines are immediately broken. In the energetic part of the human being there will be a restorative upward movement.


From the full moon of May a feeling of love will begin to flow and during the coming months there will be a liberation from old thinking patterns in the energetic layers. During the summer months a lot is worked out on an emotional level. A peaceful feeling arises from this. Peace is born in the mind and in the summer this will be expressed. The war in Europe will end and this will be done in phases. (See previous posts).


Scientists have been studying the 'God Particle' for some time now. Dark matter is an elusive thing to them. That will soon change and the knowledge will begin to reveal itself to those who embrace the renewal. All this will lead to more knowledge to the invisible dimensions, from which the origins of the star beings and many unknown life forms on Earth originated. The zeitgeist is changing rapidly this year and this provides many diverse experiences. This will eventually lead to collaboration between scientists from many different countries and nations.

This great electromagnetic wave will engulf everything and penetrate every atom, every cell and every unknown particle. The recognition of the consciousness of the elements becomes a fact.

The dark side that always wants to keep their old power will weaken and withdraw more and more. They ultimately form their own separate core. Focus on preparing a new civilization on Earth. Dream of a peaceful paradise, because the knowledge is going to come to make this happen.


The beings from the Inner Earth, carry a great knowledge and this ancient, sacred knowledge is about the creation of the earthly paradise: Shangri-la or Shmballha. Now is the time to share this knowledge. Many contacts start telepathically.

The Temples of Inner Earth are preparing for the great wave to come. These Temples all carry a different vibration. They can protect and balance the resonance of the earth. Now that humanity is being lifted to a higher level, support will also be brought here.

The old natural knowledge of unity is necessary to link itself to the new knowledge of Aquarius, so that the renewal will arise from connection.


There is a clearing in the negative timelines in the dissolution of old karma. The shadow part in the past is illuminated and now vibrates in a higher tone. This renewed energy ripples all the way to the present, creating a parallel new timeline. If you want to ascend on Earth, it is necessary to disconnect the old. These parts are no longer needed in the new vibration, they are too heavy and pull you down.


The emotions that you feel are bubbling up from a natural origin and are quickly released. Many unknown memories will surface, so that the blind spot of ignorance dissolves. A pure memory is necessary to move forward in the past and to embrace the new knowledge. Get out of the old program of manipulation and let your heart shine again.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the light in your heart

May 10, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


A solar flare is an explosion on the surface of the sun caused by the sudden release of the energy held in the magnetic fields. Radiation is generated over the entire region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A proton is a very small physical particle that gives off radiation. Irradiation from the outside is usually done with photons. Photons are electromagnetic waves that contain radiation. Sunlight is made up of photons.


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