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Antibody Test or  Serological Test


Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

I am not in favor of a QR code, let that be clear before you read the article. I am concerned with the information about the serological test and why it has not yet been introduced.

  • Pepin of Oirschot (Netherlands)

Sunday 26 September 2021, 18:30 Update: Monday 27 September 2021, 8:48

A test that can show that someone has made antibodies against corona should become a valid way to generate a QR code in the Corona Check app. This is what various experts spoke to BNR spoke to. In addition to a test, vaccination or recovery certificate, this would then form the fourth possibility to enter, among other things, catering, events or cinemas.

An antibody test, also called a serological or blood test, can be used to show whether someone has had corona and therefore has sufficient protective antibodies in the body. Commercial test companies already offer such a test, but the GGD does not yet. It is currently not possible to generate a QR code with a positive result. According to Bert Mulder, microbiologist and member of the Red Team, this needs to change. 'We are in the situation where someone can be called up as a blood donor to donate blood with antibodies so that patients can be treated, but is not recognized as protecting against the corona virus.

The fourth option of receiving a QR code also offers people who do not want to be vaccinated, says Mulder. 'Vaccination is preferred among the elderly and risk groups, but it prevents unvaccinated people from having to be tested every time.'

'Animo will be great' Bert Niesters, head of clinical virology at the UMCG and Wim Schellekens, former chief inspector for health care and member of the Red Team, are also in favor of making the fourth test option available. 'After doing a serological test like this, you at least know for sure that someone has antibodies. We do assume that for vaccination, but that is not always certain,' says Niesters.

Schellekens thinks there will be great enthusiasm. 'I think a large group will benefit from this. There have been quite a lot of people who have contracted corona lately, a large part of them are unwilling to be vaccinated. The antibody test would be a good solution for these people.'

Interview Mr Mulder member of RED TEAM about serological test

Read the whole article here and especially listen to the podcast broadcast on this topic, is amazing. Also about the blood bank Sanquin and serological tests to investigate immunity, etc. Explanation about types of tests.

Note that there are different types of tests.

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The 30,000 kilos has been reached! Sanquin has carried out and now completed the assignment from VWS very quickly: since April last year, 30,000 kilos of plasma have been collected by donors who have been cured of corona. Plasma medicines are made from this plasma for risk groups. With this we help to fight the corona pandemic.

As many as 35,000 cured patients have registered as donors since April 2020 to donate antibodies. They donated an average of four times half a liter of plasma in six months. The collected plasma was processed in record time into purified antibody concentrates. The plasma with antibodies collection order has been completed and there is sufficient stock.

For tens of thousands of patients, a plasma drug or blood transfusion is a matter of life or death. link anti-covid:

PS: This article is a Dutch post. For the English version of this message, I refer to what is possible in your own country. Unfortunately I couldn't translate the podcast into English. I refer to the written message. This content matches.

If you found differend things about this topic, please let me now.

November 30, 2021

Arthura Hector


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