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Activation Pillars of Light: Masculine Heart Illuminated


In the coming spring period there are special days when the light is very bright. These are the days when the male heart is touched by a high light. The female mystery is revealed, many lovers meet (again).

The Pillars of Light arise where the energy is pure. These light pillars are centrally positioned and they amplify the frequency, strengthening the anchoring and resetting the male heart.


The light pillars receive energy from the crystalline core of the earth and the cosmic energy of the sun. These two energies come together in the pillars of light. These vertical lines of light resonate high and scatter crystalline light photons.


The solar eclipse in Australia and Indonesia on April 20, 2023, symbolizes a dark dot that is now emerging. This may be healed, so that the higher vibration can reach the heart. A Corona is a beautiful halo of light around the sun and this is created during the eclipse, this light indicates that special protection is present.

No matter how big the shadow, the light remains and finds its own way. Accept the cosmic protection from the divine light and position your thoughts positively or negatively in the light of the sun, so that all thoughts in the collective become enlightened.


The crown is like a flower that can open and close to the heavenly signals. Make sure you are well tuned, so that you can always receive a nice upload. You can receive the heavenly signal purely when the heart resonates with the cosmos.

The petals of the crown can be 'out of tune' and can be rested again through sound healing. Trauma or "being too much in the head" can keep the leaves closed like a bud.

A reset can replace the 'old leaves' for a beautiful new energy. Not only the crown is reset, but your entire system. Everything is connected and because the crown is brought into a higher vibration, the other chakras, such as those of the heart, may also resonate higher. It is an interplay of light photons.

Male Heart

The male heart is drenched in a clear energy and in this special process a light is shed on the shadow point, where the toxins are allowed to leave the body. If this does not go well, problems can arise in the heart or in other organs.

Be alert when heart complaints occur and take the necessary measures. Listen carefully to the inner voice and pay attention to the signals. If necessary, take a break for a while, because the male old part will 'die off', a new layer will emerge. In this new layer a deeper mystical vision develops, in which compassion and care for the other will be expressed. Contact with other dimensions is also opening up further.

The New Aquarius Man

The transmutations take time and not everything can be accomplished at once. They are waves of awareness being opened by the Pillars of Light.

There is a lot of movement in the collective male consciousness and the cosmic waves are working strongly in the female and male energy. After all, one cannot develop without the other.

The New Aquarius Woman

Last year the feminine energy was in the light of the Holy Mother Mary, many woke up in a renewed layer. Some of them have been touched but not yet activated and this will now be accelerated. They are activated to support the masculine energy of the heart and to accomplish the exchange of mystical knowledge.

The mystical female part is opened in the male part, these are profound processes and the sadness emerges. They weep and now see how the masculine energy is fragmented and distracted by material lower things. The restrictions imposed in the male system prevented them from blossoming in the mystical female part.


The original natural codes form a very beautiful and subtle energy. In the present time, feeling and love are often dismissed as a superficial and complicated subject. Just now that the new time is being born, one may stand up for the true feeling. Sexuality is a sacred healing energy, but it has been rejected into a lower state where the denial of this power is great. In the man this can be a fear of the female mystical knowledge.


Iedereen van klein tot groot wordt in de war gebracht door de escalatie techniek die op subtiele wijze in reclames voorbijkomen. Ze worden onbewust opgelegd via de media, zodat het natuurlijke gevoel in het hart geblokkeerd wordt.

Wanneer je de verbinding met jezelf kwijt raakt ontstaat er veel verwarring en frustratie in het hart. Het hoofd neemt het over om te voldoen aan deze onnatuurlijke levenswijze. De heilige verbinding met jouw unieke gaves worden verstoord.


Some sensitive minds get confused, the feminine side is suppressed and the frustration is launched with an explosion into the world of matter. In their hearts they lack the spiritual feminine connection. The Aquarius child cannot integrate this and gets stuck. It is an energy that contains a lot of sadness and especially frustration. Don't let all this escalate into something that is sickening for generations to come.


The highly sensitive star child may grow up in freedom. They may develop the feeling of the magical experience in a natural and creative way without manipulation from the outside. In a safe environment and not in a public environment where 'unnatural' stimuli can arise. Those who are not understood anyway can completely lose themselves in all this. The gifted child has a natural outlook in which lives its own universal wisdom. This wisdom is often hindered from being expressed. They are still not seen in it.

Don't Derail It

There will be a lot of layering in the vibration, because the current frequency is going to rise even further. Out of respect for the male and female part, much can be explored in a creative and spiritual way. It is the good intention that counts.

Many temptations arise and these are far from a natural and healthy behavior, where there is no respect for the spiritual feminine and masculine balance, aggression arises.


Everyone from small to large is confused by the escalation technique that subtly appear in commercials. They are imposed unconsciously through the media, so that the natural feeling in the heart is blocked.

When you lose connection with yourself, there is a lot of confusion and frustration in the heart. The head takes over to conform to this unnatural way of life. The sacred connection with your unique gifts is disrupted.


The inner experience is a unique experience for every person that can be carefully unpacked. Without divine intentions, this can go the wrong way, with fanaticism taking over the world of subtle feelings through intrusive attention.


In the World of Light there are many planets and galaxies in which the feminine and masculine are expressed in different ways, but always with respect for the other and according to the universal law of one.


Outside the lower third dimension there are many heavens of light. Everything outside of you consists of a loving light. The dark fearful thoughts only exist in the lower dimensions of the society in which man lives. This is only a very small point in the great divine whole. Beautiful divine creations abound, the matrix of illusion seems large, but in reality it is very small.


The lower forms can come to life only in the mind of man. Choose the new path of the loving heart every day, everything is constantly changing. From the Pillars of Light a new frequency is being set every moment. Renew your thoughts in the form of flowers. Flowers contain a sacred geometry and this has a healing effect.


And lands together in a loving frequency that suits you. Include your own feelings of divine unconditional love and creativity. Let the Kundalini flow naturally, because it keeps your body and mind healthy.

When you hurt the other and break through the protective layer in children you are guilty of manipulation. Children need protection from their parents, they cannot yet protect themselves like adults, this is because they live in wonder. It can confuse their imaginal mind and affect the child's mind. Fairy tales are a real world for them and the distortion of these archetypes causes damage to the natural dream dimension. The dream chakra is closed by fears.

The Higher Light will Guide and Protect them

Be aware of the many changes that occur in the lower and higher resonances, (temporarily) leaving that which can no longer be properly connected. The cosmic waves come to earth in many forms of pure light, with the Pillars of Light spreading a high energy restoring balance to everything.


Arthur Hector

April 16, 2023

This message may be shared out of respect and as it is placed here and with reference to the original (Dutch) source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

Translated by Google


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