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Activation Inner Light



The coming full moon of February 16, 2022, is dominated by the inner light. Every being has an inner flame from which the Divine energy flows. The activation of this inner light will make a big leap in 2022. The more this inner light is nourished, the more powerful the Aquarian will rise.


On this day a change in the collective consciousness was brought about, the clouds of negative thought were reset. A new vibration can now be generated so that the collective consciousness receives more light. All of this is related to the activation of the inner light, which is kicking off in waves this year.

Divine Pilot Light

Every living being has a Divine pilot light and this pilot light never goes out. Through much trauma and grief, this flame can become invisible, so that the inner light is forgotten. Remember that you were created from the Light, let this awareness come back into consciousness. Your inner light may shine again. Bring the Light back into the world again, for many carry a great light but have gone astray. Start working with the light consciously again.

Much has been written about the Divine Light, but the revelation of the inner light needs no lessons. Everything is within you. Each inner light has its own knowledge and this can be opened through the crystalline activations. With some of you there is a misty layer over it, the trick is to blow this layer of dust away through the new energy of Aquarius. Bring the unconscious light part back up and let everything open from a higher frequency. Sometimes she speaks spontaneously. When the inner voice is connected to the inner light, its resonance of truth is sent from the wholeness.

Crystalline Fields

The crystalline grid has now been set up and made active. Now is the time for every being to connect with the crystalline field. The Divine intent is hidden within you, this is the touch of the Divine Light. Ask the Divine Light to re-open your passions through the crystalline field and activate the inner light.

Every living being will slowly connect with the crystalline field of Aquarius. When this arises, the inner light rises again. This inner light will be activated in 2022 in different waves. The crystals activate the inner light so that the physical body can evolve into a crystalline body. The crystalline cells play a major role in this.


The cells in your body will move differently and as soon as you consciously experience this, many questions can arise. You are used to reasoning everything from the ratio. This knowledge of transmuting cells cannot be explained through current science, there are no books that can explain this manifestly. Some ancient sacred texts provide an answer, but much knowledge has been hidden.


The great Light that is reaching the earth more and more, will expose and make visible many old knowledge. The knowledge comes from the heart and becomes effective in the dreamtime. Reading these artifacts can only arise from a different way of knowing. The earth is going to give up its knowledge through a Light Language. In this way, many new avenues open up to the Aquarius consciousness. New knowledge can be manifested.

The crystalline field will play a major role in this, as this frequency is much higher than that of the ancient modern age. The modern era overlapped a period in which ratio was exploited and female wealth fell behind. All this is now going to come back into balance in a very unusual way. A little later, higher science can explain all this. Current science is now planting the seeds of a higher vision in the processes of the natural formulas.


Science wants to study sunlight, just like the water in the deep oceans. Consciousness is not yet sufficient, but slowly an understanding is emerging for the knowledge of the sun and water. Assimilation arises in everything. Like the light that is converted in the plants, everything on earth will rise again, but now from a higher octave.

The inner light in man will awaken and the knowledge of the Christ consciousness will open. This is the field of Divine unity. Science currently focuses on studying single particles. Everything is taken apart to satisfy their curiosity and gain control of the light. The real punch line is right under their noses: 'In bringing everything together and letting everything merge into one.'

There is a big threshold. The large light capacity that becomes reality in it cannot yet be put down in a safe mode. Nuclear bombs and rockets are made that explode particles in the Earth's ionosphere.

The explosion of love becomes the explosion of destruction.

In this area a lot of new knowledge will be sown in the consciousness of the alternative scientist. The 'scientist' who accidentally makes a discovery, using a very simple technique. Someone who is open to the higher Light information. It is often the simple souls on earth who are open to this knowledge, educated or not.


The sun contains a lot of light knowledge, which is why activating the inner light is so important. Activation starts from simplicity, but with beautiful revelations. Many revelations have arisen in the old earth and there lies the knowledge and the explanation. You carry the true knowledge with you, work from the path of the inner voice and supplement it with the knowledge from the outside. See if it resonates with your inner energy. You will be guided from the higher light.


The water on earth will, just like the sunlight, release a lot of knowledge to those who are open to it. Profit can arise from the intention of sharing, this profit does not always have to be a material profit. The 'profit' that it yields can be used to build a new civilization: 'Physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and energetically.' A new consciousness is thus developed.

The water crystals contain a great power of wisdom. This wisdom opens when the crystalline energy starts to flow in the human being and the inner light connects to it. These crystals reflect the inner light and when this happens your inner light shines. The masculine and feminine energies then melt together in the heart into a unity. Visualize this regularly and see what happens.

In the coming moons all this will open up in the first level. The light is gently born on earth where the Aquarius energy becomes palpable.

I salute the inner light

Adonai, Mary Magdalene

February 6, 2022

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*The ionosphere is a layer around the earth where the particles are ionized by far ultraviolet and X-ray radiation from the sun. The lower limit of the ionosphere is at an altitude of about 80 km. The ionosphere mainly contains ions and electrons. The aurora is light that is emitted by these ions.


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