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6-6-6 Portal & Mary Magdalene


This moon will be dominated by the feminine energy that will now flow: 'Mary Magdalena, the feminine Christ' will soften your energy this month and whisper to all hearts to bring peace where there is so much confrontation.

6-6-6 PORTAL

Old misconceptions are turned into pure wisdom. This portal is sacred and has been twisted and distorted many times. It is the power of the holy trinity from the six-pointed star. This hexagram is the symbol of the merging of the feminine and masculine parts: The Sacred Marriage.

Three times this power gives a tremendous acceleration of energy and the fertilization of a new field of love. Place the three sixes above each other and see a spiral appear, it rotates and purify the magnetic field on earth. The wisdom of the feminine power in the vegetable kingdom will move therein. The three Sixes are a rotating energy and will go into effect on June 6, 2022 (6-6-6). This whirlwind (tornado) can blow strongly and thus clears negative fogs.


The moon will be full on June 14, 2022. The Mary Magdalene energy will be sent by the wind to the places where there is much discontent. Her purification will open the eyes and make many look up, confused from all the unrest, the clarity can then blossom again.


As clear as crystal her sound will begin to ring and the realization of what is really going on is born. Many are awakening and taken into the pure energy of its holiness in the Unification of consciousness, through the portal of acceleration.


Something important is going to happen and it will become visible. The reason of the war that goes on like a masquerade and covers the actual game with a fog, this will be solved. Many have been killed and many have suffered. The negative wave is becoming clear and blowing in the direction of NATO. This produces a restless image in the media from the restless society.

Once again evidence is surfacing and the world is watching, dumbfounded and ashamed, humanity is coming to realize that a terrible mistake has been made. A cloak dissolves, revealing that the void behind these motivations represents an unstable goverment. The war is going to be a big sobering act, which is going to work like a hangover this whole year round. In addition to the beautiful love energy that will flow, the confrontational truth will also arise.


Those in power are now nearing the point of destabilization and are eventually going to 'take back the throttle'. There is a force on the way accelerating all of this. The portal of rotation opens a new vision and in it the forces of light work to support the field of love.


The Mary Magdalene energy is a beautiful loving tone that embraces oneness.

This vibration opens the eyes and a clear look appears. The individual boundaries are being re-established and that is necessary, because an old karma is being cleared up. An important point has been reached worldwide. This starts with a discussion between the powers within NATO. Here, too, the repetition of karma plays a major role.


In addition, love is opened to fertilize summer with a lot of light. The solar flares start stirring again and a large magnetic field is released on Earth. At the end of the month of June, this energy is confirmed by the summer solstice, here the anchoring of a new force takes place.


The battles take place not only in the physical plane, but also in the timelines of the astral life forms. This swell of unruly waves opened a battle and the imbalance of old karmalines was (are) cleared. Some pieces need to be worked out in the physical layer and this layer can offer some resistance. Do you also feel the resistance, rest assured, through the power of Mary Magdalene everything will accelerate and the clarity will return. The winding path is now made straight and clear, the point you wanted to go to becomes visible again. The mists on the horizon dissolve.


During the summer solstice, the Mary Magdalene energy will merge with the Holy Mary energy. They become one and anchor the love energy through the alignment of the earth, this field of love is expanding faster and faster. Those who are sensitive to this can tune in and start working with the new light from that point. They are connected to this field of higher energy, expanding their talents. The earth reaches many peaks of very high resonances. The accelerated spiral of purification will flood especially the female part to restore unity and connect everything.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

June 5, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.

PS: After message led to this info on the internet

Devil's Wheel and Coriolos Power

This equation describes the "dynamic equilibrium" between the external force and the two inertial forces centrifugal force and Coriolis force. When attempting to move radially towards the center of the disk, ​​the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force are perpendicular to each other and can therefore be distinguished. (If you're distracted from the radial direction, the Coriolis force also has a radial component that adds up to the centrifugal force.) In addition to the fun factor, experiences with inertia are also conveyed.

This equilibrium between the external force perpendicular to the direction of motion and the Coriolis force also occurs in airflows in geostrophic winds . The external force there is the force of the pressure gradient. In the art, this effect z occurs. B. on the crane when it is running and at the same time the trolley is moving. An external force acts perpendicular to the movement of the trolley. Their inertial resistance is the Coriolis force.

Movement on the Earth's surface and Coriolis parameters

Division of Earth's angular velocity into horizontal and vertical components based on latitude

The Coriolis parameter on Earth as a function of latitude

Any object moving on the Earth is deflected by the Coriolis acceleration, because the Earth is a rotating system. The only exceptions are movements parallel to the earth's axis , eg B. at the poles the movements up or down, at the equator the movements exactly north or south. The influence of the Coriolis acceleration on the direction of motion can most easily be visualized using a spherical Earth figure; For the study of series of motions under the influence of the forces involved, a more accurate model of the shape of the Earth must be used (cf. Didactic aspects ).

I am not a scientist, but came across this info after getting this message. That's why I'm adding this info for those who want other explanation?


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