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2022 Awaking! New Elections in the Netherlands

ASHTAR: "The New Covenant Whistleblowers Rise"

Political power is in a deep fall in 2022. The deafening blow that makes everyone stiffen, rings the bells in the mind. The fear that arises from this will cause panic in many. During this period of great imbalance, current politics must come together and choose a different route. The political labyrinth becomes a maze that no one can get out of. Problem upon problem arises and the threads that are spun are confusing.


The spider of creation sits in the center of its web and spins its threads in such a way that many political powers become trapped in their own manipulation. They run mad in their own schemes of division and oppression. The communication between politics and the media is drifting and 'unconsciously betraying each other'. The discussions are dead in every form. They are forced to speak in a new way and the choice is made: "New elections": Cries the crowd. The roles are reversed, as politics weakens and the noise of the crowd grows louder.

A hard fall gives way to a new beginning!

Before a new election takes place, there is a loud bang. Something will explode from an unexpected angle, startling every person. Many are perplexed, because this will be the moment of change.

Many facts come to the fore and the calculations can no longer be twisted. The excess mortality becomes proof of what is really going on and this is the start of a major clarification. Pride falls and those in power are checkmated by their own delusion. The people will rise and move: The masses demand peace and openness. The aggressive acts that are committed open the eyes. The awake spirits are more numerous than ever.


What do you need next year? Embrace the calm in the first quarter of 2022: Train yourself during this period to achieve a deep stillness. Prepare for a chaotic summer and the shock that will shake the country, because: "It can blow your mind". During this vibrating earth, man will wake up faster. It affects everyone. This news is massively all over the world, there is a lot of commotion...

Keep the inner peace at all times and

meditate together or individually

From now on, turn your focus to the inner light, the world of the heart. To keep this chaotic world out of you, you filter the truth that emerges little by little. Look at what you can handle. Through your inner world you can manifest the love, create for yourself the paradise you dreamed of. This is the place where you feel loved. In this way you free yourself from the old yoke and chaos. Start disconnecting and renewing parts. You are going to make the step to a new movement en masse.

Inner power

View the outside world as a game of puppets on wires. Opposite this, place the world you would like to create and propagate this as an inner strength. This inner strength will become so strong that everyone will go along in this flow of liberation. The manifestation is then set up from inner beauty. You will understand things better and you will bring all this into balance. This way the shock can be better absorbed. Because this is not the end, but a nice start.


Be wise and take advantage of the heat of the earth, as it vibrates higher it becomes hotter in its core. Rest assured, the earth will get out of this in a natural way. She keeps everything in balance to support life. Growth is her motto, not decay. The death of an old society is becoming visible and for many this is frightening, but for those who know that a new world is emerging, this is exactly hopeful. Pass this hope on.


When the political powers choose a quick way out (after all that comes up), they are going to stumble. The new movement of Aquarius is well underway in 2022. During the summer months, important events come to a low point. A major blow to the stock markets will astonish everyone. Is this the long-awaited fall or just a diversion? Can politicians afford another smart move or will this be an unexpected setback? New elections are forced, because there are no other options left. Many high-ranking people are going to resign, the scandal is too big. The blow too hard. How will politics and the economy react to the sudden facts that surface? Are crime and terror the cause of political wrongdoing?


January 1 immediately starts with an Angel Portal 4-4. The New Year is ushered in with Angelic energy and the eight of power. A good start to stabilize and calm the energy after all the gears of 2021. The coming months start quietly, enjoy. Because from March, the revolution is slowly rising. This increases until well into the summer and everything comes to a standstill for a while. To then turn in the other direction, a new beginning.

Aquarius is as blue as the reflection of the sky in the water and the white light as pure as crystal. She mirrors everything.

This was Ashtar, Adonai

I salute the Light in your heart

December 30, 2021

This post may be shared in its entirety and as it appears here, citing the source: Arthura Hector © All rights reserved


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