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The Great (Galactic) Gathering 2020: Corona Disclosure

Exercise with the sunlight


ARTHURA: Ashtar came to me yesterday and asked if I was ready. This year he guided me into the universe. We flew past stars and planets and he showed me that the original basis of the corona virus was once part of a Divine light matter.

Faces of creatures I didn't like crossed my retina and I was startled. They are also in the collective consciousness, he explained. Collective consciousness plays a major role in this pandemic. The crystalline field is opening and this is going to be linked to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is then strengthened with a large light impulse.


Ashtar told me in word and image that there were beings who were very curious about that divine particle with which an evolution and everything comes to growth, she wanted to know the magic behind all this. She isolated one part from a divine unity formula consisting of four parts of matter. She detached the four parts to disconnect that one divine particle, which promotes the magic of growth, and start experimenting with it. But that one particle influences the other three parts with which they formed a balanced unity. These unity formulas contain a divine balance, like everything in natural consciousness. In the divine setting these particles work together and were not allowed to be disconnected.

Together they form the Light. After disconnecting and isolating this divine matter. A particle was created that carried a lot of imbalance. It was linked to strange chemical compounds. These particles of imbalance behaved aggressively. Other particles were attacked as an experiment and these started to spread, as it spread itself all kinds of other chemical compounds were formed that behaved strangely and unnaturally. Their experiment went so far as to manifest on Earth as well. Before WWII there were contacts from other dimensions that wanted to change human DNA. These experiments were even injected into a live fetus in the womb (NAZI regimen).

Through this unnatural part they wanted to influence the DNA and these experiments were meant to see how this evolution/growth element developed in different DNA's in different family lines… especially in family lines where there was a lot of light potential.

That was the start, but these beings, including the greys, who showed little emotion themselves, wanted to know what the matter growth was. They thought to convert this as a particle of matter into a formula through a separate chemical composition and use it anywhere. These beings think in unnatural formulas, are rational and they investigate what is applicable or not. They have no feeling for the suffering of man or animal.

The grays eventually stopped doing that, for a reason. As they explored this particle more and more, an unknown element appeared which contained the love vibration. Many have connected with it and have ascended to a higher consciousness. She stopped experimenting and now "experiments" with the divine matter of love. The unity energy.

After WOII, the experiments were transferred to a separate group of scientists. They were deployed to try these evolution/growth matter particles on animals to alter them by DNA and add artificial agents into the food. So that they would grow faster, be resistant to diseases, etc. That is why many outbreaks in animals have arisen, especially in the factory industry such as swine fever, bird disease, etc. It brought great imbalance. And now it has mutated further.

The corona that is now emerging comes from SARS. It's SARS according to Ashtar. Ashtar therefore prefers not to call it corona. It's a mutated virus and it hasn't been mutated yet. But something is about to change, action will be taken. It is an experiment that has gotten out of hand, which the scientists can hardly contain. There is great panic among those in power about this outbreak. They pass on their own fear through the media, because their own power play is at stake. They want to maintain an overview at all costs.

All this was discussed during the Great Gathering of 2020. Decisions have been made and help will be offered from the light dimensions.


Good day dear people. Now that an unearthly virus is roaming the Earth, a disclosure is set in motion, bigger than ever. A disclosure to awaken many to face reality.

Is the corona virus an alien invasion?

A masked group who increasingly want to assert their power lose their mask. They become recognizable, and therefore also dangerous. They want to turn some of the truth into lies. They are masters of masking the truth. The fight for the truth will become the distraction from what really matters. Stay aware and follow your heart. The information that is now descending mainly comes from the collective consciousness. A lot of fear has been sown in the collective consciousness about the virus. In the dark corners of society, emotions emerge that represent suffering. All this also ends up in the collective consciousness of man and the earth.

After all, a collective consciousness is a dimension of energy, a large cloud where all experiences, thoughts and dreams of humans and animals will gather. Also the experiences and thoughts around the corona virus. How it entered the Earth. The stories of science, the knowledge of the countries where the corona virus has manifested itself seriously. When fear predominates or when you focus on the vibrations of fear. Are you linked to the great consciousness, the collective of fear. That affects your life negatively. So is the healing of your physical body. It is good to awaken to the truth, but like everything else on Earth, it can turn into a wave of depression, hysteria and disgust from feeling powerless. Do not allow the feeling of oppression, open the sky and ask for the light of love.

Conspiracy and conspiracy must not become monsters that will work against the truth. Only love and empathy can save the world. Only then can the whole truth emerge.

The corona virus is active and is conquering the earth. What can be done about this?

For all who are so shocked, keep faith in the good, in a positive course. Once in your dual world you have two sides: positive and negative. Unite these when one strikes out and the other seems too mild.

This is especially true for news from the media. Unfortunately, the spread of fear is still the main part in which they process and spread their message. Be wise and let yourself be guided by your feelings, separate from everything around you. Provide a meditation moment that brings you to the silence. Focus on your own core and on the core of the earth. Therein lies a wisdom that is often underestimated. Connect with that.

Try to wean the fears from the facts, because right now it is about the solution, the healing and the recovery. This virus was indeed created and originated from an experiment that got out of hand. It has since mutated. Everyone is shocked and hopefully all this will lead to an expansion in consciousness: Which stand for showing respect to mother earth..

For she does not watch in silence, she is a living being.


Know that great Light forces from the Light Dimensions are watching over you, great platforms have been set up from which we work. These etheric platforms are close to Earth and will transmute the virus. Through the crystalline grid we can now manifest everything together with you. We're going to show ourselves like lights in the sky, so you don't feel left alone. The sun can help to restore imbalance. Also from the virus! The physical sun will help you to make a countermovement and it goes like this:


Let go of all thoughts and calm them down. Especially the runaway thoughts and emotions are calmed down, you will now relax. Realize that a large part of humanity is resistant to the virus and you are one of them! Because you are a starlight, the knowledge of healing is hidden within you, bring it up again.


Now relax.

Connect with the sun, outside or inside.

Let the rays embrace you completely

You can feel the heat all the way through you

Your breathing calms down

and it continues to fall

from the chest to the abdomen

Get in and out quietly

All the sun's rays hit the ckakra wheels in your body

and purify all fears, tensions and thoughts of doom

Now you let a ray enter your third eye

This large beam of sunlight purifies everything that is on your retina

Through your third eye everything now flows cleanly throughout your body

Then a beautiful halo of light slowly appears around you

this halo or sphere consists of white golden light

and forms an energetic protection around you

It's a filter of light

You can open or close this filter of light

Depending on you need this form of protection

And where you go also plays along


Then a large beam of light from the sun enters your crown

this one floods you with love and compassion

At that moment you can ask to open your knowledge

for corona virus protection

So that there is not only a layer of protection

is built around you

but also the knowledge opens up how to deal with it

Visualize this meditation regularly

it will increase the crystal in your heart

So that a large beam of light will arise from you

This is how you activate your starlight in times of chaos

Repeat this daily


One last part that I, Ashtar, would like to mention are the starseeds. There are those of you who are very sensitive to the influence of the collective consciousness. You are the starseeds, starseeds. Your starseeds are not only feeling this, but are also converting parts. I advise you to live in seclusion for a while, or to find as much peace as possible and to shield yourself. So that everything remains bearable, even after a few months. Save your energy. Put yourself in an "energetic quarantine", we can help you with that. This "energetic quarantine" works like in the exercise with the sun.

An extra protection filter is then placed around you from the light.

So that the virus can't wrap you up and it will limit the complaints. Mild complaints may arise. First do the exercise of the sun and then we help you to keep this on track. We also help you with the conversions to counteract the imbalance of the virus. Great help is being offered from the Light Dimensions to prevent the further spread. From the new moon, Tuesday 24 March, a new energy arises, through these vibrations the virus spread is reduced and accelerated.

This is the fourth crystal moon of 2020. It is the power of the sun rising and it stands for communication. This one is golden yellow, pay attention to how you communicate: "From love and compassion or from negativity and fear".

Awaken the core crystal in your heart,

Because the virus will be overcome, after a peak of infection it drops very quickly. Go through it with common sense and a loving heart.

Stay empathetic.


Place your hand(s) on the heart as a greeting or as a sign of compassion towards your fellow man. Know that through each disclosure a wave of awareness opens and touches consciousness.

This was Ashtar


I salute the light in your heart

* Goethe (1749-1837): "A few people have the imagination for reality.

March 23, 2020

This message may be shared in its entirety and citing the source:
©Arthura Hector  All rights reserved


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