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Sylphs are vehicles of higher consciousness: "Angel Clouds".
When rainbows appear in these Sylphs, a unity energy is created. Your heart receives a light signal and you can receive it, a beautiful gift, isn't it? They also show the unity: "The sun is male and the cloud is made of water, female". In a rainbow these two come together as one: Holy Marriage (see messages). So tune in to these Sylphs! Learn to communicate with them.



They bring with them the energy of love and make the Air clear and clean. When something negative happens on Earth, you can ask these Sylphs to come and help. Once contact with the Sylphs, contact with this pure energy of light arises in your heart, so they show themselves on earth to you.

They work together with the Devas, for they are all part of the ether.

Another wonderful personal experience with a Sylph and UFO, see video at the bottom of this page.



Me and Michael were on our way to Niburu Barneveld in 2010. When we noticed a beautiful SYLPH above my car. A little earlier we had ended up in a traffic jam and had suffered a lot of delay and we would arrive much too late. But as it turned out, the time was also affected and we arrived half an hour early which was really not possible. I noticed that on the clock on the way and I hated that we would be late.
After the experience with Sylph, my eye fell on the clock again (which can also be seen in the video) and hardly any time had passed. Coincidentally, Michael had his camera with him to film that afternoon. It also turned out later when Michael watched his film that a UFO flew into the Sylph. All in all a very special contact and a special journey.
Later it turned out that the brakes of the car were not in order, we got through the eye of the needle. And in addition to that beautiful experience, also received protection. 
Missing part of the time during a UFO contact is actual evidence of first contact. 
See video:

regenboog 33.jpg



Together we make the new earth! Positive thoughts are very important and often people get very angry when they know what chemtrails do. They scold the sky and direct a lot of negative emotions to the sky. Understandable, but this is not the solution.   



There are negative and positive bacteria in your body and when the balance is broken you get sick. So it is on earth and in the ether. Help the earth and heaven to restore the balance between positive and negative.


Enjoy the beautiful days that arise, know that an enormous energy is released. Aquarius comes is love, this is a challenge for all of us. When the Sylphs appear in your skies, feel free to ask them for help or healing!

The new earth arises from a vision that can be put down from your heart.

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