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 Art Therapy

 Schilder je Innerlijk Licht

There are several workshops to follow: Workshops in nature and Artistic workshops for adults and children. Through different themes you can bring out unconscious parts deeper in yourself. Painting the inner Light within you. Connecting with your inner Light. In this way, blockages can be lifted and the passion surface. It brings everything back into balance through the 13 rhythms of the new earth resonance: Aquarian Energy.

 The dream, the fantasy and the imaginary mind work together as one, when you are in connection with the inner light. The intuitive guidance, the voice of the heart. The healing power. Healing the inner child, opening the hurt woman and the mother of the living water. Starlight activations.

Breaking male gender roles. Balancing male-female energy.

Wholeness energy from the Christ consciousness.

You can always sign up for a workshop, if there is enough interest we can start as a group.

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