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Vaccine Reactions: Side Effects, Mutations and Immunity


A lot is about to happen and many people will realize that the Covid-19 vaccine has a completely different effect. The earth and especially man has entered an experimental phase at the moment. The virus now mutates from a natural impulse.

This is going to change. An unnatural path is now being taken. An artificial process is now being used and the virus is unnaturally incorporated into various types of vaccines. Doesn't people wonder why only a part of the virus is used? The hammer particle (spikes) is cultured separately, what is the function of this particle? After it has been allowed into the cell, it can attach itself to parts in the body, such as organ cells, blood cells, skin cells and all other cells in the human body can be involved in this. What happens with this is now being conducted as an experiment on a global level. The explanation about the vaccine skips steps, it is not complete.

What if a genetically modified virus starts to spread from such a vaccine?

It is not for nothing that a virus has a body, its own shape. Removing parts of it causes a completely different influence and reaction in the human body. This artificially grown hammer particle or spike protein can attach itself to the cells of a weak organ or cause an accelerated or delayed cell division. It can invade and disrupt the immune system. It can assign itself a different task, because every person has a different DNA, countless variations of reactions arise. What happens if the virus mutates through the human cell and thereby disables the immunity? This can cause additional outbreaks. A vaccine can no longer fight this, because it is the causative agent.

What does the vaccine do?

It depends on which vaccine is administered. Some cause additional outbreaks, these contain an artificial code that leads to mutation. The various side effects will unnecessarily weaken many to death. The immune system is then immediately flat.


This will not affect everyone, it depends on your DNA in combination with the type of vaccine and your condition. Many factors come into play, it is the stratification of the load. Change your way of life and meditate daily, then balance will come into your life. It is mainly the weak people who are affected first. In addition, there will be cases where people do not understand how this is possible. A mysterious phenomenon will appear. The scientist launched an experiment, but their solution will be complex. This matter of immunity will be understood when a great respect arises for all life on Earth. The living particle will tell us all that this experiment is not the way to go. An empathetic communication may open. A higher intelligence is needed to understand and embrace the living particle.



The big difference in the beginning of the corona (2020) is that the immune system was able to react in a natural way. That is why many did survive. The immunity produced an antibody naturally. The immune system was able to defend itself and became stronger, also for the mutations of the virus. The intelligence of the immune system is underestimated. The misunderstanding from the scientific world is great. They focus on fighting the virus, but do not include natural immunity. This intelligent communication of the immune system contains so much knowledge. It contains the knowledge of trillions of eons of survival. For eons, life on Earth has communicated with each other. They are attuned to each other.


The true virus are the ones that disassemble everything. They disrespect the divine knowledge and disturb this ingenious system. On a global level they are now working, how big could the deception get? This broad experiment must be stopped.

This vaccination program will bring the immune system out of balance. The real path of inquiry, which should investigate the intelligence of the immunity system, was a global opportunity, it has now been denied.

In certain cases, the virus can choose a different path through a vaccination and enter the immune system.

What do they want to achieve, the scientists and those who commissioned this?

The purpose of developing a vaccine is to strengthen the immune system. Many will come in unbelief when the contrary comes to the fore. This shock will be the most severe in the corona pandemic. This is going to be a SARS 3 pandemic.


These experiments have been going on for some time in factory farming. They experiment with vaccines and adapted food, which makes them grow many times faster. This has caused many outbreaks. The disease of cows, pigs and birds is proof of this. The culling of many animals had not been necessary. The experiment has now partly been extended to humans. It is about controlling the living particle, from which growth arises. To be able to control this, you encounter an important immune system. This intelligence is super smart and flexible. It will eventually survive everything, including this corona experiment.

What can be done about it?

Don't be led by fear and panic, don't make important decisions during an imbalance. Have no fear of others who may or may not be vaccinated. Even though the virus is running mad, know that your body is a very strong vehicle and the mind can make this vehicle even more powerful. Start that now. Maintain a good lifestyle. Let the invisible body, the energetic part, warn you in time so that you are always safe. Follow your gut feeling. Communicate empathically with the immune system. Go understand. Go open the knowledge of the love energy. This is the job of man.


When the artificial genie escapes from the bottle, the light world springs into action. The divine light is going to tackle this disaster, but through the human being. At some point we will release certain knowledge. Connect with the Divine light of love, for some of you will experience shocking things up close and others from afar.

The areas affected first will lead by example. We cannot completely prevent this, because man has chosen this path himself. It is part of a certain awareness. Experience and insight may arise and lead to a disclosure.

Consciousness will open faster and this gives great creative power for an important transformation. The cry of despair will be heard deep in the universe. An emergency ordinance will be drafted in 2022 to address all of this. The facts emerge. Hang in there, you'll get through this.

The scientist, the ruler and the many others may learn to respect nature and the divine life in everything. Cutting up too much in the human natural system can actually make everything worse. A very great lesson for those in power and all mankind.

I salute the Light in your Heart

Adonai Ashtar

June 18, 2021

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