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ASHTAR: In the Light of the Photons

Turning Point: Electric Field Increase

The tuning point that will now take place is in the initial stage. The winter solstice of 2021 caused a major light explosion in December 2021, (message 12-2021). An electric field of high light was sent to Earth from the cosmos. At this point, an electric field has formed again. The waves from the sun get bigger and bigger. For many tangible and for others invisible. The pinnacle will be realized during the summer solstice of 2022.

The energy is increased and the resonances rise to an unprecedented height, the position of the sun is then at its highest. Just as the moon plays a role at high water, the sun can exert its influence on the electric field. These are the electric fields with highly charged photon particles.


The moon energy provides the reflection in the element water on earth. It reflects the cosmic rays amplified back to Earth. The moon feeds on many types of cosmic rays and re-emits them through dark matter. There are many cosmic elements active that play an as yet unknown role.

All this has to do with the phenomenon of dark matter. An invisible matter that works through everything. New impulses are born from dark matter, which is why dark matter is a great mystery to today's scientist. No constants are found, but always new rhythmic movements. These variable outcomes confuse the scientist's mind. They cannot yet decipher this 'language'. Dark matter is not the same as a black hole, but it is related to it.


The dark matter that creates many mysteries has been called the challenge of science. Now that they 'found' the so-called God particle (Higgs-Boson) in July 2012, this evidence was only a temporary high. From there she discovered the dark matter, which led the riddles about the living God particle to more mystery.

The scientist, but especially those in power are very interested in this living particle of creation. In this way they want to try to decouple this power and thus take control of the artificial 'life'.

Do they then acquire the power of the gods?

Cosmology (science of evolution) needs a different approach. There will be a turning point in all this, a high energy wave will now flow through the earth. It will now move from the love light. It proceeds like a cosmic dance and artists recognize themselves in this. It is the passion of the moment, an inspiration that is released with a new discovery of colours, movements, shapes, geometric rhythms, sound that come together in the photon light. It is the movement of the electromagnetic attraction and repulsion impulse, from which many new creations are born.


This 'language' from the cosmos was placed on earth in the past, to bring new light. This power of love was molded into a religious mold that eventually gave many the power to oppress others. Many wars arose. The packaging of the pure universal form was eventually transformed into a mask of the truth of the feminine and masculine energies.

The Sacred Marriage of Atoms

When the earth comes into a higher resonance, consciousness will increase. The new movement that is now emerging will soon bring the original language of unity to Earth and begin to overwhelm the consciousness of man. The universal knowledge is released and the tones associated with it will be understood through the heart.


The big turnaround is being prepared in the lunar cycle and will increase in several waves. The next solstice will magnify this impulse, causing a great explosion of light. The coming summer is going to be very powerful on all fronts.

For some, this higher tone will stir the soul and make visible the love it so longed for. At another time, the shadow will open and show the fear of the past. Seeing and feeling the truth can be confronting. A cosmic awakening is often accompanied by a light shockwave. Take the time and rest for it, because a special portal of love opens. Allow this love to heal your heart and it will make the fear disappear. Everything can be released into the energy of the Blessed Mother Mary.

The barrier is going to unfold, difficult situations come in a softer layer. Wars are brought to a halt. In this feeling of softness much more can be achieved, slowly the movement of change becomes visible. This one is so strong, it can't be stopped.

Adonai Ashtar,

I salute the Light in your heart

May 25, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and with reference to the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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