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The Holy Raven Speaks: Aquarius Children be Alert!

Arthura: The black Sacred Raven told me that the Children of Aquarius must know this!

He calls in your dreams

Sacred Raven Speaks

Dear child and young people of Aquarius, here speaks the holy raven: Do not get carried away in the programming of the illusion. I'll help you make these visible, but be careful. Because the solution offered by the illusion is dark glasses that shield your eyes from the radiant light of the sun. But you need a lot of light to open the heart. Know that my wings are not black, but deep dark blue like the cosmos. This shine comes out when I open the light for you. I hide myself in the world of illusion in black and they give me the symbol of death there. So that you become afraid of me, but the real truth is quite different.

I Open the Light in the darkness


Know, Aquarius child, that there is a sacred truth hidden deep within you. Only you can open it. Through the gate of the deep and the dark blue cosmos I can lead you to another reality. This gate will help you reveal the sacred knowledge so that your higher intelligence opens. The illusion plays a game through the magic of the eyes. The veil of the light is the shield from all your joy. Blinding the eyes to the truth overshadows your inner light. The divine light may now shine and open up in your heart, but the influence of an artificial pattern can disrupt and clog it. An artificial gene that can blind you is given in the form of a vaccine.

Aquarius opens from a special light

When this light shines in your eyes it will fill you with knowledge. The knowledge of the prayers with the sun, for the sun and the holy water will reach you both and make you mature. Deep in your heart is something special. You are the future of the new earth. You cause the demise of the illusion, the breaking open of the truth and the restoration of natural balance. You expose the lies with your light, so that's why they cast their dark illusion as a shadow over your future. A future full of fear and hindrance.

Being young is a gift and it does not last forever, at least in your world of illusion. The illusion plays with death, in which everything is made sick. And the waste becomes a stinking layer of putrefaction. There lies death, not I am death. Let this confusion be let go once and for all.


In a natural world, the parents carry the child to protect them in a safe and warm nest. So that they can mature quietly and fledge on time. Your brain is not yet fully grown and cannot make tough decisions yet. In the obfuscated program everything is reversed and made unnatural. The younger ones have to carry and protect the older ones, where and in what nature does this happen? Is there a bird's nest in which the chicks feed and protect the parents and is not this imposed psychological disturbance a form of abuse and a true crime?


Examine, dear child, what the real truth is. Don't believe everything, some solutions that mark the illusion will be touted by the masked man or woman. They give you a ticket, a passage in exchange for your enlightened soul. This is not a doorway to freedom, but to a dark path. The more you long for freedom and follow the path of illusion, the more you become trapped in an invisible web of despair. They play with your youth and with your desire for freedom. This is not what it is and that is why I come to you. The black raven possesses magical powers of many illuminated chords.

Through my deep cry I will try to reach you. So that my sound awakens you and the path of your deep desire will lead you to a sacred knowledge. I fly into your dreams to warn you of a very dark time when being young can be a crime. They want to place a millstone of guilt to weigh down your vision of the future.


But then comes the barrier! Sooner or later, many who love the children of Aquarius make a universal protest. Because through the soul attunement many layers open up. Aquarius is a multidimensional portal of love. In the earth are holy councils which protect the holy laws and children.


Deep in the earth there are cities and Temples of crystal. They shine out the light to all the earth. Their prayers are so light as a feather that they touch everything to the core. There is not a single person who can resist this and their prayers will become stronger and the Shambhala spirit will awaken all over the earth. You are a child of Shambhala... a pure soul of god. The cooperation with the higher frequencies is very normal for you. Heaven opens when you speak and the Beings of Light will descend when you are in danger and call them.

When a black sacred raven appears and takes you to the budding of your crystal knowledge, the sacred prayers are reactivated. A future of light and love is emerging. Your dear being can then really start to shine. Your eyes then become twinkling stars and you can convert everything via this cosmic light force. For the universal superpower that has been given to you comes from a higher plane, a higher vibration in which anything is possible. This Aquarian child is a different being, possessing the gift of divine touch.


When you descend into the crystal earth, you will come to see me as the white holy raven. Snow white from the crystals my spirit will transform and come to you. My transformation is similar to yours. You will then see me with enlightened eyes and the path of Aquarius will then open. Nothing can stop you, no illusions! When you are slowed down by the programming of Earth politics, many beings of light will support you. You are never alone and your consciousness process will be twice as fast. For the powers you carry within you do not mind the past timelines where power prevailed.

It is the divine love that you carry within you. And everything you touch will transform into love. So...

Arise dear Child of Aquarius, the Earth needs you.

This was the Holy Raven that spoke


I Salute the Light in everyone's Heart

July 1, 2021

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© All rights reserved Arthura Hector

'For my son'


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