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Portal 7-7-7: Universal Human of Christ

Higher Christ: The Path of the Universal Christ Man to Divine Awakening: PORTAL 7-7-7

PORTAL DAY 7-7-7 on July 7, 2023:

When the Holy Spirit descends, the new path of liberation can open. The 7-7-7 portal is now open and a new phase in evolution begins in which the Universal (Christ) Man is born. The seven represents the Seventh Heaven on earth, which is controlled through the chariot.


Governing country can get off track and the wheels will give way. Is this a preconceived plan or an accidental development? The portal 7-7-7 will direct the energy of the Seventh Heaven and lead it to a point of unification.


The universal being is in unity with itself, the heart is balanced and the battle has settled. The shadow part has lived through and you have gone through all the pain to open the light in your heart. During this journey many insights have been opened in a new layer of consciousness, but you may wonder when does this journey end? The chaos in the world has never been greater. The suffering increases and so does the fear in your heart.

The path of the Universal (Christ) Man

There are countless examples you can follow to become enlightened, these show how the heavy physical yoke can be thrown off. Follow your feeling and throw the yoke off your shoulders so that you are liberated. Many Divine emissaries have descended into the lower world to place the traces of unity in the material world. Here lie the Divine seeds that may be fertilized by the Holy Water and the Holy Light.


Converting the sacred energy into a material form, in which the balance can be felt.


When you have found the unique path, it will enrich you with the new seeds of cosmic consciousness. The path of Jesus Christ to Divine awakening was also an example of the path of the universal Christ man. Thereafter, many kinds of veils have been laid over this pure path, to entice you into another layer of illusion. During this 7-7-7 portal these veils fall away, you will see where the shoe pinches and the solution is near. You may be sorry, but forgive yourself and move on. Each path carries a valuable lesson, for God's ways are wondrous and unpredictable.


The apostles were once the spreaders of the Biblical word, introducing a universal Christ man to earth, but in this new age you may open and follow your unique code. No one can accomplish this process without support from the Higher. Find your fellow man who resonates right away and offers a helping hand, to those who are still blind. Converting the material and transcending it to a higher resonance is a special process and that means that you respect the lower dimensions.

The higher spheres only ask you to keep following the light of the path, despite everything, radiate this light of life even if you do not consider yourself a perfect person. Be an example of what you can convey. You don't have to follow the perfect spiritual picture, because that too is an illusion.


When you are born into matter from the Light, a difficult and complicated process ensues. If your light has to survive in the shadow side, you will meet many rejections. While looking for love. Persevere and cast off the garment of this imbalance, for then peace will arise in your heart. The Divine Light illuminates your soul and when you step through this gate of 3 x seven, a whole other world is enclosed. You now understand the cosmic laws better, but on the old path a kind of confusion can now arise. Use the creative power of the trinity to unveil your path. Trinity energy is very powerful and can be expressed in matter to give clarity.


Here the pain of seeing the truth starts, the reality of matter is transcended where the gaze of the light can perceive the shadow side. You now clearly see the suffering in the lower world, you know that this lower world was once an earthly paradise...


Now you feel the need to wake up the other person. You see how closed they live, while your empathic feeling has become very large and sensitive. You have compassion for your fellow man in the lower world. The Divine light has descended into your heart and this can be so overwhelmingly beautiful that you want to share it. This experience is strongest when it resonates very high and when you encounter the light of God. This deep love experience can be overwhelming, but if you can't share it, it can also be traumatic.

This light wants to be shared, connect, grow and come together.


The processes in the lower world of matter can therefore proceed with great difficulty. Realize that the complicated life you lead is also part of waking up in the enlightened state. It is the process that wants to open up more and more, the enlightenment has different stages. To get out of the heaviness, you may step further and further and open in a higher vibration. When this growth is hindered, it causes great sadness. The lower world can no longer comprehend the phases you are going through and they start ignoring you. You feel lonely and rejected, but now another path opens. The path of transition.


In the higher spheres you grow to the eternal light. The example of the Christ (and of many other higher or saintly ones) transcends the pain and human suffering through which physical death passes into another form of being. There are stages where an energetic death takes place and when you have looked this "energetic death" in the eye, you come to a special realization. You have conquered a lower part of yourself.

The subtle etheric body of Christ awoke and finally ascended, timeless and eternal to the Seventh Heaven. Heaven is just a higher frequency, where the beings of light communicate with each other permanently through the Divine heart. Divine love is the power of creation and this is the basis of all life.

The story in the Bible tells much more than the words that are written, it contains so many layers of depth and from which layer do you view all this, do your eyes see the clouding from the trauma or from a limited (religious) belief? The road that runs in the middle is the most logical path, look at the underlying patterns. What is really being told or reflected here?

What resonates most with what you're looking for right now? In the footsteps of Jesus you can discover a lot, however you read or translate this. When the head looks without heart connection it is only a superficial instrument. No matter what wonderful book you read, you will not progress without the love of the God. Only the love of God will set you free and it opens the depth of understanding.


After the descent of the Holy Spirit in which the Divine seeds are fertilized, the 4 gates in the heart can be opened first, this is the base of the earth flower that may open first. The dark gates become visible through the great light, your trauma or intense anger clouds the heart and the gates. It also burdens your thoughts, so that the thoughts do not go pure into the world.

7-7-7 PORTAL

The lower world consists of thoughts of heaviness. The yoke on your shoulders pushes you down. The layer of the higher sphere consists of highly vibrating particles and these form a completely different world of thought patterns. You rise up, your aura becomes wider and bigger. You get a lighter and liberated feeling. You breathe a sigh of relief and the love pours in. Through the portal 7-7-7 the energy of the chariot enters and is now the vehicle that takes you to the higher vibration of Divine love.

All that Exists is Present

If hell exists in your head, it will be there, supported and shaped by all the negative thoughts and shadows of everyone. Thoughts are powers. The more images of war and misery are burned on your retina, the more your energy shrinks. At that moment they form their own world of darkness together. An illusion. The boon runs aground here and loses track.


Hell or the negative beings exist only in your world of illusion. It is the creative powers of each human being misused and manifested to their own lower intent. This is the program of manipulation that imprisons man. Don't put the negativity outside of yourself, but look for the why. Every person has the power to convert this.



Outside the small dots of heaviness there is only the great Divine world of love. The higher dimensions are sacred and divine. These encompass everything and the entire universe consists of love, they are present en masse, also in your lower world. You can recognize them through empathy and honesty. Many kinds of higher intelligences are deployed, the Divine Plan is huge and impressive. The heaviness is but a tiny speck on the horizon in the vast cosmic sea of ​​light.

Every human being carries a duality within, what do you focus on?

Divine Higher Gifts

The divine gifts present in man are often ridiculed and denied. discourages. They are eventually made invisible to your physical eyes and the programming in your head can no longer perceive them. Some highly conscious people are born in a lower plane. These people long for the light, but they are blinded. In addition, it is very difficult to develop your powers in a lower illusion.

A mist of disbelief has been laid over the mind and man is portrayed as a low being with only baser needs. This is reflected over and over again in the world around you, until you believe it to be so. The portal of the 7-7-7 unlocks many mysteries. The mystery of the creative power becomes visible through your own creativity.


The awake group who see through all this in their own way is getting bigger and bigger, here the creative power of the trinity energy is budding. Each person has a unique gift and is part of the great puzzle. The matrix of illusion acts like a algorithm noticing the awake human as a 'virus'. They are weakened, rejected and excluded emotionally, psychologically, physically and mentally.

Do you feel different and threatened? Strengthen yourself in all these layers and know that you are a special kind of 'virus' in the illusion of turning things around through the love of the Divine, then you negate the current program within yourself and around you. When you survive this spiritual death, you are no longer a threat that can be eliminated.

The Light of God cannot be turned off, only obscured by the illusion, when you allow it.


Because many groups arise and behave differently, they create many new thought patterns that change the dynamics in the field of illusion. They no longer connect to the illusion and literally get a different color. The color of their aura changes to a luminous energy and they no longer resonate with the gray matter.


A person consists of many facets and certainly not of 1 kind of color. Many wear bright colors, including those who live in an unconscious state. The love in the heart is then bright in color.

The illusion also needs bright colors to realistically portray this field. The illusion plays with duality and bends it to their will. They want to manage both the joy and the sadness, after all, it is about causing the imbalance. Staying in your strength is the most difficult challenge of all, but it is the best path in which the chariot can guide you.


Everything takes place in the world of thought patterns. The clear light in the aura pushes aside the curtain of illusion and those who live mainly in the shadow world do not like this. It makes the shadow visible and that is very confrontational, they want to push the curtain back again. They have developed an allergy against these beautiful colors of light that want to restore the shadow side. Being addicted to imbalance is the core of everything, it keeps distracting you. Everything swings back and forth, so hold your loving vision and place it on a fixed point on the horizon.


The signals given off by many thought patterns are influenced by emotions. Fear has a different pattern than love. This war of imbalance has been going on for eons and is kept alive by the ignorant. Waking up in steps and the waves of light are now flooding the earth and clearing away many illusions immediately. Don't let the chariot totter and stay in the footsteps of Divine love.


The lower world tries again and again to create new illusions. They use the pain that is released to trap you again in another imbalance. The 7-7-7 gate opens the energy of the Seventh Heaven and the pain is now quickly resolved. This is the new approach that is being put down from the world of light.


Universal (Christ) Human stand up and bring balance wherever you go, the new world consists of a firm foundation that is opened and controlled from the heart. The new starseeds transmute into an impossible form: A Universal (Christ) Man.

This QUEST is a profound path of unification with your Divine soul. This message is sent from the Christ Consciousness, the layer where everything comes together as one.

Arthura Hector

July 7, 2023

This message may only be shared in this form, out of respect and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All Rights Reserved


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