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Old Atlantis Feud and Transition New Age


The old Atlantean energy plays a role in many traumas, but moving into the new era brings everything into balance.

Old Atlantic Feud

An old Atlantean feud is still at work in the present day. Abuse of the Sacred Knowledge, anger and powerlessness are the shadows of an old cycle. Paranoia and display of power now come together to finally let go of all this. The old patterns of black magic arise from this and can now be removed from your system.


In today's politics and everywhere on earth, those in power are playing the game of fear, this is the fear of the downfall of Atlantis. They try to banish the magic of the water on earth which symbolizes the female power. They want to further strengthen their power through a cyber world. These are the souls that once seized power on Atlantis and misused the sacred creation powers. Atlantis was engulfed by the water and sank. The water is connected with the female part and they have great fear of the part that made them perish. Their fears are put to the test as the Aquarius water begins to manifest. A new world arises.


The punch line to let the male and female parts become one, gives them even more fear: "The feminine power of birth is the Divine creative power". That's why current science is so obsessive about dismantling the living particle. So that they can possess the power over life. The immune system is also connected to this and plays a large role in all this, undermining this special system provides them with knowledge.

Aquatic Creatures

The water creatures of Atlantis have long since gone into obscurity. Everything is now resurfacing and also knowledge about it. Hence the many rain showers that wash the virus clean on earth. The groundwater may be purified again, so that the (anxiety) virus dissolves.

Thoughts may regain clarity through the power of Aquarius, so that the female part can come back into balance to achieve wholeness. The creative power is an important part of the new era.

The aquatic beings are very sensitive and emerge when there is trust and love in the heart. Some of you can "see" Earth's aquatic beings. When they appear you can open in a deeper layer of yourself a part that was closed long ago. Thus your Sacred Knowledge was protected from a world of power and manipulation. Through the water of Aquarius you can open all this. The acceleration of energy provides a great leap forward in consciousness.

(Arthura: Read the next post about the gear).



The physical body is undergoing a major change and some fears have been touched firmly during the corona. The fear virus has affected some to such an extent that an ancient Atlantean disease resurfaced. This imbalance originated in a heavy period of deep sadness and can now be completely released: "Everything revolves around letting go of old patterns". Breaking old Atlantean patterns gives man new strength. Find this light force through all misery and then a special path of renewal opens up.


The new paradise will come about in a simple way, energy and economy will come together in a clear, but simple concept. In addition to all the advanced technologies that arise, they mainly make use of nature and the cycle of the earth and the cosmos. In which man takes back his or her own freedom in a gentle way. The power of joy will be their impetus and the call of the earth stirs their wisdom on the new path. These new "children" of the Aquarius wake up and see the balance in every living thing. Their time has come to make the switch. The new codes start ringing and their minds react to this. It's a new kind of sound. The new time gives a beautiful resonance and the sound is reflected off the earth and those who are tuned to this frequency will know what to do.

Sacred Heart

In this whole process of letting go, there will be those who are connected with a pure intention in the heart. They will be the first to hear the call of the new earth. They dare to give their lives a completely different turn and thereby attract many other like-minded people. To break free from this old Atlantean feud, they create a very different pattern of life. They will not only break free from the old pattern that ruled the earth for eons, but also set a new course. So that many confused minds do not get adrift. They show the light of the new earth and create the new paradise. Don't get bogged down in old Atlantean feelings of struggle and doom.

Take the opportunity now to let go of the old and allow the new time.

Rediscover your creative power and use it for your new goals.

Adonai, Ashtar

"I salute the Light in your Heart".

August 6, 2021

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