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Full Moon March 19, 2022: Reset Family Ties 


Due to the strong power of this full moon, all old patterns are brought into light.

The fields of tension can arise again, but are now touched by a new wave of light. It seems like a repetition of old conflicts, but this one takes an unexpected new turn.

You will notice that after this full moon the energy is different than before. This is reflected in family relationships. In some deeper layers there is still something hidden, this will quietly awaken and due to the energy of the full moon the vibration continues to rise, so that old connecting lines gently loosen from a negative pattern.


The full moons in spring make a movement of renewal, so that more and more old patterns are broken. It comes in waves so it doesn't overwhelm you right away. Despite everything, the calm build-up can still be tough, this is caused by the resistance of these forces. The renewing waves clear up old fields of tension, when a personal blockage arises, this can have a lot of internal effects. The high light will manifest itself in all layers. The purification is very intense when a resistance arises.

Aquarius energy stands for clear connections in all layers. In the outside world, such as politics on a global level (see previous posts in March), but also on a personal level and in family ties. Everything is cleaned up.

When the old patterns of power cannot be let go, the clearing takes place in another layer. Aquarius flows through everything and goes where it can place its renewal. This continues until everything has been addressed. The photon light is very powerful and it continues to expand.


Through the moon energy it also works through the night through the unconscious layers. The moon can touch the psychological field through the dream, where the traumas are hidden.

The moon is going to speak in a way that it is understood and it gives you new insights. She speaks through the feeling, so that you get the courage to continue the new movement. It is also possible that someone is in a standstill, then she helps through the crystals in the water to let this frozen energy slowly blossom. The thawing of blockages sets everything in motion again. There are many forms of awareness through the moon: "Like waking up in the morning or night with certain images and feelings". Watch it and see what it brings you.

Sometimes images or feelings lead you to a certain place, a place where there is a higher energy. Go there and meditate or step into the silence to experience this energy. Who knows what it will bring you. Your patterns are thus set in a different direction and the new signals lead you to a new form of energy.

Some old friends come back into your life, this has an innovative function. As a result, solutions emerge and especially new insights, so that the old pattern can be broken. Life is exciting and beautiful because a new layer of consciousness opens up.

The flowers of the earth touch your heart


The battlefield around the world is also going to resonate differently, at certain points immediate action is taken, such as in the event of nuclear disasters or the use of weapons of destruction. Suddenly there is a tilt that will surprise everyone. This sudden turnaround is going to take place IN you as well. Everything has a direct effect on each other.


When these tilts arise, new insights in the scientific field emerge. It refreshes everything! It is a natural process which, due to the high light, will automatically move in all kinds of innovations. The micro process changes the macro process and vice versa.

The old way will eventually come to an end, simply because it no longer works. New methods are emerging and they appear to be so appropriate and correct that there is no longer any doubt. It is the high light that opens new processes and this works through in the brain waves of people, so that a completely different way of thinking is released. Following the feeling arises.


When the human being looks back, she thinks: "Why have I always struggled with this matter so much, when a solution was so readily available?" The answer is simple, the old pattern has limited consciousness. A sound is associated with this consciousness. This sound now changes to higher vibrational tones. Because so much love is released, this renewal will be embraced and welcomed. The collective consciousness receives the new tones and these are disseminated en masse. The new tones provide a great attraction, the new connections arise naturally. The new flowers of the earth are born.


Like-minded people are the first to experience this, they find each other through the sounds that call them. These are the highly sensitive people and thus they are set in the tone of innovation. The flowing water of Aquarius contains many new tones and colors. Some of you hear these tones, some of you see these new colors. It is the new sound of Aquarius. Many beautiful things are going to happen, tune in to that. You will see that the manifestation power increases and the negativity is transformed. The new tones create a unity energy, the shapes they make are sacred. Sacred geometry is now becoming a higher science.

Connect with the new quantum flowers of the Earth and the cosmos and you will see that in your heart a special new phenomenon is about to take place. The inner light is now going to be seen.

Adonai Ashtar

I salute the Light in your heart

March 16, 2022

This post may be shared in its entirety and citing the source: © Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


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